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The Book Thief: Novel vs. Movie

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Elijah Zehr

on 15 April 2014

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Transcript of The Book Thief: Novel vs. Movie

Summary of the Novel
"The Book Thief", whose eerie narrator is Death, is about a 9-year-old German girl named Liesel who is given up by her mother to Hans and Rosa Hubermann. Liesel becomes fond of Hans from the start because he is gentle and kind, unlike his wife Rosa. Before Liesel is taken to her new home, her brother dies on the way there. While he is buried, she finds a book next to his grave and starts to take an interest. While she is living in Molching, she meets her new best friend, Rudy Steiner, who eventually falls in love with her. They both get very interested in stealing, only, instead of food, Liesel steals books. She shares her love of literature with a Jew that her family is hiding in their basement, Max Vandenburg. In the end, Liesel discovers that she hates Hitler because he is the reason for the war and the Holocaust.
The Reasons for the Movie Change
I think that the reason that the directors and producers made changes to the novel is because first, the novel is 552 pages. Second, the book has a lot of drawn out information that you can't fit into a two hour movie.
Movie Clip
Venn Diagram
Similarities and Differences between the novel and the movie.
The Book Thief
by Markus Zusak

-Liesel's brother dies in
both the movie and the book.
-Max doesn't have his boxing dream in the movie.
-Liesel doesn't get angry at Ilsa, the mayor's wife.
-The Hubermanns don't have two grown children in the movie.
-Hans isn't whipped for giving bread to a Jewish man in the movie.
-Liesel isn't dragged away for trying to get her book that she lost.
Theme: No matter the situations and surroundings, one can always find love and happiness.
My Preference
I personally would choose the book over the movie because of the details in general. In the book, there is a lot more of Max's background in the book. The movie also leaves out some important things like Liesel's anger toward the mayor's wife. There is more of the story in the book in general.
-Rudy learns that the Hubermanns are keeping a Jew later in the book.
-Hans is described just as he looks
in the movie.
-Rosa has a more rounded figure in the book.
-Liesel and Rudy steal apples in the book.
-Rudy helps Liesel steal from the mayor
in the book.
-Liesel and Rudy join a group of stealing
-The important quotes are the same.
-Rudy dives in the river for the
book in both
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