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History of Videogames

The History of Videogames by Oliver Hobbs

Oliver Hobbs

on 31 January 2012

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Transcript of History of Videogames

The history of Videogames
Topics The birth The popular platforms of the past The most popular games Example video Question of Discussion 1946 The Birth T. Goldsmith Jr. und Estle Ray Mann OXO Atari 2600
The platforms of the Past presents Oliver Hobbs 1979
Comodore 64 1982
Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) The 80´s 1986
Gameboy 1989
Super Nintendo Entertainment System The early 90´s Sega Megadrive 1992
1990 Sony Playstation The 90´s 1995 Nintendo 64 1997 Sony Playstation 2 The Millenium Platforms Microsoft X-Box Nintendo Gamecube 2000 2002 2002 Playstation 3 Present Platforms
X-Box 360 Nintendo Wii 2007 2005 2006 Most Popular Games Most Sold Game Series 2. Pokemon (193 mio.)
3. Tetris (125 mio) 4. The Sims (125 mio) 5. Need for Speed (100 mio) 6. Final Fantasy (97 mio) 7. Madden NFL (75 mio) 8. Grand Theft Auto (70 Millionen) 9. FIFA (65 mio) Most Sold
Gameseries of all times Super Mario With over 295.000.000
sold games 10. Zelda (59 mio) How much time a week
do you spend on gaming? Thank you for your attention and don´t forget to give me a 1 ! Good bye
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