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Globalization, Global Environmental Issues and Advocacy Netw

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Jessyca Idi

on 25 March 2015

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Transcript of Globalization, Global Environmental Issues and Advocacy Netw

Hazardous Wastes
Loss of Biodiversity
Rainforest Ecosystem
"Forests are critical in preserving the earths biodiversity and protecting the atmosphere and land resources (Kegley, 467)
Transnational Advocacy Networks
"We are the environment. There is no distinction. What we do to the earth, we do to ourselves."
-David Suzuki
Globalization, Global Environmental Issues and Transnational Advocacy Networks
Anti-dam Campaigns
Deforestation & Desertification
International structure does not allow third party enforcement
Anti-Dam Campaigns
''[...] media reports and broadcasts, while increasing the public awareness of the campaign [against te Nu/Salween River project], also effectively channeled social grievances to the Chinese leadership, influencing the decision-making process.'' (C.L. p. 330)
Globalization Exacerbates Global Environmental Problems

"The Parable of the Blind Men and the Elephant"
What is globalization?
Tragedy of the Commons
"Global environmental problems are global commons problems"
Challenges of
Environmental Preservation
"Environmental Issues often involve scientific complexity and uncertainty that make reaching consensus on environmental protection policy difficult" (C.L).
Global south countries face additional challenges when it comes to environmental protection
The role of the media
Transnational Advocacy Networks
>Global Environmental Issues
>Challenges of Environmental Preservation
>Globalization Is Bad for the Environment
>Globalization Is Good for the Environment

1) At an individual level, what do can YOU do to help preserve the environment?

2) What role should government be playing?

3) Is it necessary to create a global governing body capable of creating and enforcing worldwide environmental regulations?
Globalization Alleviates Global Environmental Problems

Fighting to Survive:

Effects of Industrialization
Regulations in the Global North leads to dumping in the Global South
The role of the media
Financing Ecological Disaster
Water Shortage
World Bank funding projects that are
harmful and not sustainable
around the world
Clean, safe drinking water is scarce. Today, nearly 1 billion people in the developing world don't have access to it.
The world will only have 60% of the water it needs by 2030 without significant global policy change, according to a new report from the U.N.
All in all, the loss of biodiversity is arguably, the greatest threat to world security today.
A recent drought monitor has confirmed that 100% of California is now suffering from severe drought conditions. This marks the worst water crisis that California has seen in its recent history.
SOURCE: guardianlv.com 05/2014
The World Bank is the greatest single source of funds for large dam construction, having provided more than US$50 billion (1992 dollars) for construction of more than 500 large dams in 92 countries.

Source: http://www.whirledbank.org

‘’That transformation [environmental decay] makes protection of the planetary environment a necessity, but the solutions are hard to find when many people put their personal advantage ahead of those of all humanity.’’ Kegley pp. 486
‘’Instead of debating over false choices, we can build institutions that better represent important values; better distribute the benefits of globalization; better mitigate the problems of open economies, open societies, and open technologies…’’ (C.L. p. 350)
''Transnational Advocacy Networks usually involve international and domestic nongovernmental organizations, regional and international intergovernmental organizations, parts of the governments, media, and intellectuals that are bound together by ''shared values'' , a common discourse, and dense exchanges of information and services.'' (C.L. p. 324)
Ocean Ecosystem
People from around the world against Brazil's Belo Monte Dam as part of the Brazilian Permanent Mission to the UN, New York, USA.
Belo Monte Dam construction
MNCs receive protection from the Free Trade Agreement

- Countries with
environment rules damage environment
- Countries with
regulation faces problems as well
Amazon Watch
Xingu Alive Forever Movement
The Nu/Salween River Campaign
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