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Intercambio con Dinamarca.

No description

Alexandra Ana Maria Ionescu

on 17 December 2012

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Transcript of Intercambio con Dinamarca.

On Sunday This day there weren't any activity... On Saturday "Since the weather was bad, we didn't go at Torcal,
and Antequera"..... On Friday The exchange was with Kalundborg. On Monday On Tuesday Mavi and Alexandra Created by: "We have learned enough on them..." "This exchange with the Danish students, is a great experience to learn the language, his culture and other many interesting things..." -There was a visit guided by the school. In the morning: -Andalusian breakfast. In the evening: -Route by the center of Málaga. -Flemish spectacle. "We went shopping"... It was a day off, every child had to take every Danish to a place or some activity. Alex: So, I was with my Danish student in Benalmadena and Torremolinos. Mavi: -Visit to the classrooms of hairdresser, aesthetics and advising of the institute. -Sight from the
Alhambra The most spanish and danish people
went to "vialia" and we played bowling. Spanish girls On Monday we went to Granada,
And we looked some parts of
Granada like the Alambra.. Granada was vey interesting and
beautiful, but it was very cold! Some pictures of Granada. On Tuesday Spanish students
explained how to do a presentation
and then we made a
presentation. Then Spanish
students gave a pin
to all Danish people. In the afternoon we played again to bowling
and said goodbye. Saturday´s nignt
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