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SAT Essay Brainstorming

No description

E. Michael

on 11 January 2018

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Transcript of SAT Essay Brainstorming

Midterm Essay

Ms. Michael, English 12
Now you are ready to create your thesis statement!
Remember the SIM Thesis Strategy:
Point of View
Sub Topics
Remember Close Reading!
If you do not clearly understand the
prompt and establish a clear point of
view, your essay will not be very
strong. Read carefully and add notes
in the margin!
Thesis Example:
It is impossible for a society to run
smoothly without a leader as is
demonstrated in the novel
The Lord of
the Flies
, the
historic Trojan War
, and
the recent
Occupy Wall Street Movement
Example of Paraphrase:
It is impossible for a society to run
smoothly without a leader.

Notice the focus on the specific task
and the way the point of

is included.

The "It is impossible" part is the P.O.V.
Identify the Specific Task and Paraphrase it Including your P.O.V.
Read the Prompt
Use the
sk yourself what you know
Next, complete your graphic organizer.
Remember you need resources from:
Pop Culture/Current Events
Graphic Organizers 1 and 2:
Sample Graphic Organizer:
What is the specific task? What is my point of view about it? How can I put this into my own words?
Is it a Yes or No question?
Is it a This or That question?
What do I know about
this topic? What do I already know that will help me with this assignment?
Did I read the entire prompt carefully? Did I add a few notes in the margin?
Sample Graphic Organizer:
Sample SAT Writing Prompt:
Example of Specific Task:
Is it possible for a society to
thrive without an authority figure?

Throughout history there have been countless conflicts of all types over who will be the leader of a group. Almost every very civilization that has a recorded history has documented various types of leaders or authority figures. These vary greatly, however they all exist over time.

Many historians claim that the only reason that many civilizations have survived is due to their leadership.
Is it possible for a society to thrive without an authority figure?
Practice with a time limit: Ready...Set...GO!
Using the prompt that corresponds to your letter:
1. Read closely and annotate the prompt
2. Identify the specific task and paraphrase it including point of view
3. Select resources and complete the graphic organizer
4. Create your thesis statement including topic, point of view, and sub topics
5. Write one strong body paragraph
Please Do Now:
Today you may work:
With a partner
In a group of three
Copy the Prompt For Your Letter:

A: Do people care too much about winning?
B: Is it important to be unique or to fit in?
C: Is education the result of "real world" influences or school?
D: Is compromise always best in solving conflicts?
E: Is it necessary to find new solutions to old problems?

You have the rest of the period to brainstorm and write an entire essay

Use the strategies that we have practiced!
* Paraphrase the Prompt
* Brainstorm your Resources
* Use Brainstorming Lists in Folders!
* Use the Posters on the Window
* Do Your Best!
Brainstorming is
SUPER important!
Complete Brainstorming for:
Pop Culture or Current Events
Get Organized!

Find the topic that corresponds to your letter
, B,

Put your full name on one of the organizers
Final Exam/SAT Practice Today!
Thesis Example: Cause and Effect

In Frankenstein, Mary Shelley demonstrates the effects of a human being playing God with details such as the tragic creation of the monster, the destruction of Victor's family, and the disintegration of Victor's life and work.
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