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God is our bouy

No description

Charlotte F

on 18 December 2015

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Transcript of God is our bouy

Jesus is our

Charlotte Ferguson
My date was December 23, Jesus is Emmanuel. The importance in this title is the spelling. Emmanuel and Immanuel have the same meaning, "God is with us" or, "God with us." The difference between them is obviously the spelling which is due to the Hebrew translation. The other difference is where this word appears in the Bible, Immanuel is used in the Old Testament while Emmanuel is used in the New Testament (Matthew 1:23).
My first bible passage
description of bible passage one
my ornament
Making the Buoy
Isaiah 7:14
"Therefore the LORD Himself will give you a sign: Behold the Virgin shall conceive and bear a Son, and shall call His name Immanuel..."
My second bible passage
Isaiah 33:22
For the LORD is our Judge
The LORD is our Lawgiver
The LORD is our King
He will save us.
In Isaiah 7:14, the passage says the Lord will give you a sign, a sign meaning a miracle. The miracle was that the Virgin, reffering to Mary, will conceive. When Mary has the child she will name Him Immanuel, meaning "God with us." In the passage it states that the child will be named Immanuel, but it is meant to be more figuritve than literal. We all know the child's name will be Jesus, but He Himself is God, so Jesus allowed us to be with God through Himself.
Description of bible passage two
In Isaiah 33:22, the passage says the Lord is our Judge, our Lawgiver, and our King. Then it says He will save us. God wants us to be with Him. To be with Him we need to be saved. God appoints Himself as our Judge, so we may stay in order, our Lawgiver, so we may know the difference between right and wrong, and our King becuase He created us and knows this world so He is our leader. Finally He is our only Savior, for only He can save us from our own wrongdoings.
Over the summer I went through my training to become a junior lifeguard and one of the drills you need a ring buoy. I made the comparisson that evryone's life guard is God. God saves us from the rough waters of Earth and brings us to Him. In the passages God is depicted as our savior, or our lifeguard, and he gives us His only buoy, Jesus, to save us.
It was very easy to make the buoy. I got some modeling clay and used a circular cookie cutter to cut the clay out in the shape I wanted. Then I let it dry for 24 hours, and painted the rings. Fun Fact: It actually floats!
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