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No description

Emily Hebert

on 2 March 2011

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Transcript of Juwie!

episode 1
the Juwie-Sapiens The Juwie-sepian, or Ho-Juice, can be found around bicycles, Strawberry fields and Jeremy. The Ho-Juice likes to eat strawberries,
and has a tendancy to scare away people in Oshawa
and make them climb trees and break the law and get thrown in jail. Red: prank callers related in jail
Orange: Robbers in jail
Yellow: Murderers in jail
Blue: Ho-Juice incidents in jail
Note: each circle is 100 people Here are some pictures taken of the Ho-Juice: Normal Ho-Juice nap time for Ho-juices Ho-Juices hate to get angry.
The last time we sent a feild
agent to make one angry, he
never came back. Ho-Juices can be angered by people calling them pretty or by throwing multiple donuts at them. Angry Ho-Juice penalties include 3rd degree burn, sofication and hyperbylirumanimia. Latest Ho-Juice report
We watched a Ho-juice
die. We cannot
record it for the last
man who tried never
looked at his dad again.
We have recorded a
photo of the living thing,
thought. This Ho-Juice
had taken on the
career of putting half
the population in jail. I don't know how Jordan
got a picture of this scary
little Juwie-sapien! The Class
report is funded
by Juwie TV,
the most
unwatched TV
in America! The Ho-Juice was discovered in 10000000000000000000000000 BC by Harper Gunn. red areas indicate Ho-Juice Habitats
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