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The Second Red Scare

No description

Ivan Garcia

on 7 December 2012

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Transcript of The Second Red Scare

The Second Red Scare The Spread of communism The second red scare was focused on national and foreign communists influencing society.

Russia wanted to be communist. It was recognized by the Soviet Union.

President Truman tried to stop the spread of communism and wanted to decide wether to be capitalist or communist.

The spread of communism was given a great boost in East Asia when the Republic of China became the People's Republic of China in 1949. cold war The cold war began because of the effort
to fight the spread of communism,
President Harry S. Truman
signs an Act of Congress
that implements the Truman Doctrine. Korean War The Korean War was a war between the Republic of Korea (South Korea) and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea) on june 25, 1950- July 27, 1953.
The Korean War was one of the by products of the Cold War, The global political and diplomatic struggles between Communist and non Communist systems following World War 2
Fighting started on June 25, 1950, When the North Korean army, substantially equipped by the soviet union, invaded south korea.
the U.S spent about $67 billon on the Korean war.
The US helpend South Korea because us also wanted to keep communism from spreading
Gen. Douglas MacArthur was designated commander of the unified U.N. forces, but was later replaced after publicly citicizing U.S policy and the threatening the chinese with massive retaliaton.
North Korea moved south quickly at first and captured the South Korean capital Seoul.
U.N forces pushed them back towards North Korea and eventually the border with China. Commumnist China lent their support to the North Koreans and their effort regained control of Seoul.
Heavy fighting raged at the 38th parallel, which became the post-war border between the two countries.
After the 1953 truce at Panmunjom, North Korea, North and South Korea remained separate as before the war.
The term is based on the actions
of Wisconsin Senator
Joseph McCarthy during the 1940's.
McCarthyism means the extreme
anti-Communist movement
that occurred in the United States. The second period of the Red Scare took place between 1947 and 1957. Spread of communism
Korean War
McCarthyism McCarthyism
is the practice of making accusations
of disloyalty,or treason
without proper regard
for evidence The McCarthyism was characterized
by high fears of communism influence
on American institutions and
espionage by Soviet agents. Propaganda used during
the second red scare By:
Silvia Martinez
Jessica Huerta
Licsia Bautista
Ivan Garcia
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