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Native american tribes of the California-Intermountain region.

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Marek Magana

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of Native american tribes of the California-Intermountain region.

Native American
tribes The Shoshone The Shoshone {pronounced
Show-show-nee} lived in California,
Idaho,Nevada, Utah, and Montana. They spoke the Shoshone langauge, for example aishen means thank you. The womens role was to be in charge of the house The men were hunters. they used clubs. The Paiute Indian tribe They lived in cone shaped houses made of brush. They hunted rabbits,
deer, and other game The Northen
Paiute lived in Owens Lake C.A. The southern paiute lived
in the Mojave desert and Arizona. Miwok Indians They ate dried fish and eggs. In the summer they ate Boys and girls heaved
wood and hauled water World book kids.com
World book.com
sfsu.edu dried kelp They traveled
in small bands and domesticated dogs. The Pomo They fished and gathered
food The Pomo, like the Miwok
also traveled in bands. Thats all!!
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