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extraction of brain lipids

No description

Von Parenas

on 22 January 2014

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Transcript of extraction of brain lipids

extraction of brain lipids
Vincent John C. Parreñas
Brain submerged in Ether
(non-polar, liquid stuff)
add acetone until clear
then filter
residue C

evaporated to dryness over steam bath
Leibermann-Buschard Test
residue B
Ninhydrin Test
Soda lime test
Ammonium Molybdate Test
(polar, solid stuff)
discard residue
pour hot ethanol until ppt is present
filtrate, your Decantate A
Molisch's Test
extracts ceramides, sphingomyelins, choline glycerophospholipids, ethanolamine glycerophospholipids and phosphatidylserines. Not all lipids are soluble in Ether, therefore separates polar and non polar lipids
acetone is used as solvent for glycophingolipids,
denatures proteins...
hot ethanol used as a solvent for glycosphingolipids; denatures proteins
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