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Día de la Raza

No description

Andrea Barrios

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of Día de la Raza

Día Nacional de España El Día de la Raza ¿Qué y Cuándo? Cristobal Colón ¿Quién? Celebraciónes ¿Cómo? España ¿Dónde? This day (or the nearest lunes to it) is traditionally celebrated throughout the Americas as the day Cristobal Colón arrived in 1942. In English speaking countries this day is celebrated as Columbus Day. In Spanish-speaking countries and communities this day is known as the following: Día de la Raza
Día de Colón
Día de la Hispanidad Día de la Hispanidad A day to celebrate one's connection with all other Spanish-speaking people regardless of their country. Día de la Raza A day when indigenous people come together as a community and celebrate their heritage. This day can compare to our Independence Day and its significance. How it began... Born Cristóforo Colombo, Colón wanted to prove the Earth's circumference as well as find a shorter route to the Indies. Miscalculated the path there and in 1942 arrived on new uncharted territory: Bahamas
República Dominicana
Haiti First encounter between Europeans and the Americas. Colón never realized that he had found new territory, he always thought he had reached the Indies. ¿Por Qué? Trade Religious Mission Sources http://www.donquijote.org/culture/spain/society/holidays/hispanidad.asp http://gosouthamerica.about.com/cs/southamerica/a/CulDiaRaza.htm Spices
Silk Queen Isabella was adamant about Christianity. Wanted to spread it. 3 voyages: 3rd one landed on the coast of Venezuela. Trips were funded by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain. El Día de la Raza is also known as España's National Holiday. http://www.nineoclock.ro/spain-celebrates-dia-de-la-hispanidad/ What it became... The celebration of the anniversary en España dates to 1935, when the first festival was held in Madrid. This celebration takes place in other places throughout España, however it's bigger in Madrid. How it has developed... http://www.timeanddate.com/holidays/spain/hispanic-day What people do... The King of España supervises the raising of the national flag in the center of Madrid. Most businesses close and people take the day off from work. A lot of dancing, eating, and some bullfighting. Radio, television, and Internet news services broadcast live on these events. Since 2000, el 12 de octubre has also been Spain's Day of the Armed Forces. Military parade in La Plaza de Colón, Madrid.
Air Force aerobatics team flies with rojo y amarillo smoke. That same day people in the Aragon region (north-east of España) commemorate la Virgen de Pilar, patron saint.
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