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Re-Birth of a Nation:

No description

Jarod Roll

on 3 October 2016

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Transcript of Re-Birth of a Nation:

Re-Birth of a Nation:
The Wilson Administration

Wilson's southern administration:

William G. McAdoo, Sec. of Treasury (GA)
Albert Burleson, Postmaster General (TX)
Josephus Daniels, Sec. of Navy (NC)
David Houston, Sec. of Agriculture (TX)
James McReynolds, Attorney General (KY)
Colonel* Edward House, top advisor (TX)
Edward Douglass White, Chief Justice of SC (LA)
Wilsonian Progressivism:

Federal Reserve Act, 1913
Federal Trade Commission, 1914
Clayton Antitrust Act, 1914
Smith-Lever Act, 1914
Federal Farm Loan Act, 1916
Federal Warehouse Act, 1916
Federal Road Aid Act, 1916
Keating-Owen Act, 1916
Wilsonian Southern Progressivism:

segregated federal employment
excluded African Americans from federal jobs
Thomas Dixon and Birth of a Nation (1915)
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