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The Spectator Hotel

No description

Katrina Martino

on 19 October 2016

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Transcript of The Spectator Hotel

We began five years ago in Southern California.
Welcome to Spa by Hudson
In September 2016 we expanded to Charleston SC. Our massage services are an extension of Hotel amenities for your guests
On Line Booking

We provide an on-line booking request system for all In-Room service, leaving the phones free to help guests.

Simple to log in with requests answered within an hour for confirmation.

Concierge or Front Desk staff will communicate to guests upon arrival that massage service is available In-Room from 8am - 8pm
Request Booking
Hotel staff will fill out all pertinent information.
Hotel Staff will Log in to www.SpabyhudsonSC.com
Go to the 3rd page "Contact Us"
A Spa concierge company providing In-Room massage service for finer hotels
Hotel/staff name
Guest name
Room number
Length & style of massage when requesting.
We offer 60 or 90 minute Swedish style massage only with Deep Tissue upgrade and Pre-Natal for slightly increase in cost.

Once request has been filled, Hotel staff will receive a confirmation email including:
Name of therapist
Arrival time

Hotel Staff will notify guest spa service is confirmed.
Spa Introduction
Guest Service Charge
When service is complete, the guest will be given a spa receipt showing service amount and/or gratuities to sign.
This receipt will be returned to the front desk for record keeping.
Supplies & Therapists
Massage table is stored on site at hotel property, either in housekeeping or storage area.

Hotel staff will provide massage table and linens (two flat sheets, one pillow case and guest receipt) to front desk 15 minutes prior to scheduled spa service.
Spa by Hudson therapists will check in with front desk and collect massage table with linens for service.

Therapist are easy to recognize with a professional Spa by Hudson polo.

Once massage service is complete- massage table and linens will be returned to housekeeping.

Therapists will let front desk know the service has been completed and give receipt.
Spa by Hudson Value
With our in room massage service, you no longer have to send guests off property to competitors.

Guests feel confident with an in-house spa service rather than an independent coming in.

Your hotel can now add spa services to their amenities allowing guests to write about there overall rating in travel reviews.

Thank you
Spa by Hudson
We look forward to building a relationship with you.
Katrina Martino, Owner
Jenna Bizousky, Partner
Therapist Check In
60 min Swedish Massage $135
90 min Swedish Massage $175

Optional: $25 Upgrade for Pre-Natal and Deep Tissue
The Spectator Hotel
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