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Are we too dependent on computers?

Argument essay

Dianna Loza

on 24 May 2014

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Transcript of Are we too dependent on computers?

By: Dianna Loza
Are we Too Dependent On Computers?
Table Of Contents:
Counter Argument
My Argument
Although most people believe that we have become over dependent on computers, there are also those people who believe we have not become too dependent on computers, because we can live without them. For example, we do not use them as much as we need air, sunlight, or even food and water. They also believe that technology has brought out so many advancements in almost every aspect of our daily life.
On the other hand I disagree with those people, and believe that we are too dependent on computers. We have used computers ever since the day they came out. we depend on them to complete tasks and other things. We have become too dependent on computers, because they seem to make things easier for us. For example Microsoft Words, Internet, and other things. Microsoft words has spell and grammar check and doesn't let us practice our writing skills. Also, the internet doesn't let us think of what we need to research. The computers do it all for us.
Therefore I agree that we are too dependent on computers. There are many reasons why I agree to this argument. We use computers to shop online, for many tasks, for entertainment, at school, and even at jobs. Many people would think that computers are useful, but are damaging life because there is just too much technology. This is what I agree with.
Are we too dependent on computers.Ever since computers were invented, the use of technology has become abused. Since the day computers were invented, people have become too dependent on them. We use them for many things. For example we use them to do tasks, at jobs, and even at school. In my opinion people ARE too dependent on computers.
Warning Baby On Computer
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