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Nike; Brand Extension

No description

Lindsey Fauser

on 13 May 2014

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Transcript of Nike; Brand Extension

In order to extend upon our Nike empire, we propose the idea of exploring bedding!

Our unique bed sets will encompass mattress covers, sheets, pillow cases, comforters, duvet covers, as well as decorative throws.

What makes our bedding stand apart from other bedding out in the market, is our choice in fabric. We plan on creating our bedding with the same fabric and materials that is used to create our sports wear.
Nike; Brand Extension
We plan on using the same genetically engineered fabric that we do on our sports wear, to create lasting bed sets with style and more importantly comfort!
If you have ever experienced wearing our Nike workout products than you know first hand that our Dri-Fit fabric makes all the difference. Its amazing how our technology can help to improve your run, game or workout.
Image all the comfort you already feel in your bed, but enhanced by the use of our Dri-Fit materials.
We plan on using this Dri-Fit fabric in the making of all of your bedding essentials.
During a hot summer night or for those natural sweaters.. What could be better!
We plan on marketing our new line of bedding through;
Magazine Advertisements
Trade Shows
In store sample display for customer to try out our sheets
Marketing Techniques
Our Competition....
We plan on selling our new line of bedding products in both our home Nike store as well as department store locations such as Macy's.
Nike is best known for its use of "Dri- Fit" fabrics. This Dri-Fit fabric uses microfiber, polyester to lure moisture away from the body to the outer most part of the fabric.

Once the moisture is on the outside of the fabric it can evaporate. This fabric technology helps to keep a person cool as they are working out, so why not apply this same fabric technology to a person as they sleep?
We plan on using the licensee company of Revman International to produce our products, the same manufacturing company of Nautica bedding.
Our prices will be similar in price to name brand bedding that is out on the market now.

Sheet Set $100.00-$120.00
Comforter $160.00-$180.00
Duvet $130.00- $150.00
Throw Pillows $30.00- $50.00
Term Sheet
Our Licensee
We felt Revman International was a good license with their annual Sales of $13.5 million
Revman International was founded by Richard J. Roman in 1988, as a marketing driven company that was focused on finding high fashion home furnishing products.
After his first products were shipped and hit the markets in 1989, his line expanded and now includes many impressive designer brands and products for both bed and bath.
Alexa, Allie, Sabrina and Lindsey
Brand DNA
We plan on designing our bedding with simple designs that can fit into just about any bedroom.

All though our designs will be simplistic they will always remain stylish.

We believe quality and comfort are the most important thing to our brand, therefore our bedding (just as our clothing line) will be produced with the finest quality and care.

Our new line of bedding will inhibit diverse designs to fit customers of all ages, from kids to adults.
Nike's bedding will offer style and above all comfort.
Target Customer
This line of bedding is not limited to the active individual but can benefit all people. We hope to keep our existing customer as well as attract new ones with our innovative bedding!

Works Cited
Competitor Pricing...


Brand Positioning
Sheet Set $100.00-$120.00
Comforter $160.00-$180.00
Duvet Cover $130.00- $150.00
Throw Pillow $30.00-$50.00

Sheet Set $80.00-$135.00
Comforter $175.00-$240.00
Duvet Cover $135.00-$215.00
Throw Pillow $40.00- $55.00
Sheet Sets $115.00-$185.00
Comforter $285.00-$400.00
Duvet Covers $200.00- $280.00
Throw Pillow $60.00- $90.00

Sheet Sets $100.00-$150.00
Comforter $ 275.00- $350.00
Duvet Covers $175.00-$250.00
Throw Pillow $100.00- $150.00
Our Prices!
Ralph Lauren
Calvin Klein
Tommy Hilfiger
Sheet Sets $80.00- $100.00
Comforter $170.00- $220.00
Duvet Covers $150.00-$200.00
Throw Pillows $20.00-$40.00
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