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Shelby's Timeline

No description

John Miller

on 18 February 2016

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Transcript of Shelby's Timeline

I was born
I was born on July 26
I started preschool
I got my first dog
I got my first dog named Kailan and i loved her and i always loved dogs since .
I started walking
I started walking around 9-10 months and failed many times but got the hang of it
I started soccer
I started soccer and i loved playing at first i stank at it but now i think i got pretty good.
This is my 3rd Christmas and I was still scared of Santa
family trip
It was my first time on a boat and i got a little seasick
I started preschool and i was scared and somehow happy too.
My dog had Puppies and i was very happy. they where and cute and adorable that i cant even explain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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