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How to bug Mrs. Pak

It shows how to bug Mrs. Pak alot!! please enjoy!!

M. Ku

on 14 December 2010

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Transcript of How to bug Mrs. Pak

This slide show is very secret don't tell Mrs. Pak!! 1. You can get Mrs. Pak very mad by not being neat. 2. You should never talk in the hallway she always spies on you from behind..... 3. She gives you alot of work...... I mean ALOT!!!!! Beware Mrs. Pak ..... I will help you not get in trouble!! You should be happy that I am telling you this. Never complain in front of her If you think this is a joke and I am doing this for fun you will not survive 5th grade... Listen carefully.... If you don't listen to her she will hang you by your stinky toes. don't be foolhardy and try to fight her back she can really............ beat you up Some kids don't go back home... BEWARE 5P~~~~~~~~~~~~~~1
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