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Meet the Teachers in 3rd Grade

No description

Tracy Roose

on 3 September 2014

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Transcript of Meet the Teachers in 3rd Grade

Mrs. Roose
Mrs. Ruhl

Reading & Writing
Students will write in the genres of informational/ explanatory, narrative , personal essay, and research.

Students will Publish pieces follow the 5-step writing process

Studnets writing will be assessed in the following areas: Ideas, style, organization, and conventions

Students will conference with peers and teacher
Each child will have an opportunity to be the student of the week. Look for information coming home in advance.
Student of the Week
Everyday Math
Based on problem solving, repetition and hands-on activities
Students will receive a "Home Links" (H.L.) packet weekly
Parent letters and home link answers will be sent home at the beginning of each unit.
We will be teaching reading and writing using the Daily 5 model.
Spelling City
Weekly Homework
Science topics will be Light and Sound, Force and Motion, Earth and Me and Organisms have Character.
Hands-On, inquiry based
Science Journals will be accessed using iPads.
Unit objectives will be posted on the grade level weebly.
Students will responsible for own organization.
Students will be responsible for copying down daily assignments.
Students will be responsible for showing parents, getting parent signature, and returning to school emptied out each day.
P.L.A.Y (Planning for Learning All Year Long) Binder & Agenda
Book orders
on-line or check ONLY
Scholastic News is $6.00 for the year
Old Sock (for dry eraser board)
Water bottles
no juice or pop
advance notice
Check with your child's teacher for the amount needed for class.
easy to pass out & please include napkins
no sheet cakes, juice, etc.
Hot Lunch
Positive Behavior
Be Respectful
Be Responsible
Be Safe
Students will be responsible for completing and turning in math/spelling homework packet at the end of each week.
Students will Read 20 minutes OR MORE daily, including weekends
Students will be responsible for correcting mistakes on previous assignments and test.

Monthly Homework Reward for those with 100% Homework turn in. Workroom will be open for those who have missing homework assignments.
Weebly & Website Walk-Thru
Welcome to 3rd Grade
(cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr
Individualized reading level
Comprehension and skill questions.
100% scores and book completion will move student to next level.
Social Studies- Michigan
Safari Montage will be used to deliver content and videos throughout the year.
Assessments will vary between traditional pencil/paper, Socratvie online quizzes, and projects using Web 2.o tools like Popplet & Book Creator.
Chapter objectives will be posted on the grade level weebly.

Curriculum Objectives, Teacher Blogs, Calendar, & Photos:
Students will continue to develop
Love of Reading
through individual, small group and whole class instruction

Students will read and demonstrate an understanding of a variety of genres: fiction, realistic fiction, informational, and essay.

Students will be able to reread a text to identify patterns of elements -- information, values, assumptions, and language usage-- throughout the discussion. These elements are tied together in an interpretation, an assertion of an underlying meaning of the text as a whole. (Close and Critical Reading)
Remind 101-
Free and Safe Text Messaging
Mrs. Roose
Mrs. Ruhl
iPad Expectations
Students will be responsible for coming to school with iPad daily.
Students iPad will be charged at home each night.
3 strike rule: Student will be allow to charge iPad up to 3 times at school. After 3rd time, iPad will not be used by student that day, and will need to be charge at home for the following day of school.
Student will use iPad according to iPad agreement signed by student and parent.

(Mrs. Ruhl QR code to Remind 101)
Edmodo will be used throughout the school year. Edmodo is designed to get the students excited about learning in a familiar environment. With Edmodo, we will be able continue classroom discussions online, give polls/quizzes to check for student understanding, and create and share assignments and activities, with the whole class and in small groups in content areas.
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