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self care and stress management

for social workers

Bethany Kuehne

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of self care and stress management

Stress Self Care Balance What stresses you out? school
.....everything? so what?
What now? Should I put on some Yanni? About.com recommends him as relaxing. ok, but some stress is natural you have to decide how much is too much and what to do about it. Take a minute and draw something that stresses you out more than normal. Now draw something that makes you happy. ok so how do we balance the two? set aside time for things that make you happy
prioritize being a whole person
give yourself room to be unproductive
finding meaning in non-professional things
boundaries, boundaries, boundaries
remember who's making the choices you're in charge of your own life, so how can you start making choices that are good for you? Creating a self-care plan Start taking an inventory what stresses you out?
what makes you happy?
who can help you?
how much can you handle?
how can you cope? Everyone's different, so what has worked for you? Take out a piece of paper and start writing a self-care plan: be holistic
physical self-care
mental self-care
emotional self-care
spiritual self-care Pitfalls Don't make your self-care just another thing to check off! It should be fun, engaging, something to look forward to. Is there someone who can hold you accountable? Fun ideas Go to the Petsmart on Saturdays and hold the puppies and kitties
Have an air jam session either alone or with friends
Take 10 minutes off every day and turn off your phone, computer, tv and don't talk to anyone else, just reflect on your day
Give yourself one day of rest a week in which you are not focused on productivity
Tell really corny jokes.
Go for a walk.
Eat something nutritious.
Eat something really bad.
Call someone you really like.
Go to the zoo.
Fly a kite.
Go for a bike ride.
Learn about something new.
Laugh out loud for no reason at all.
Work on a personal art project.
Watch a stupid movie.
Go to your happy place, either literally or in your mind.
Smell something soothing.
Take a bath or shower.
Put on your favorite outfit.
Jump on the bed.
Give yourself permission to be silly.
Talk about something that excites you.
Read a book for fun.
Read your horoscope or do a tarot reading.
Tell yourself that it's okay, you can handle it, and you are a whole person.
Ultimately, it comes down to you and your choices. There will always be some level of stress, but you must balance that stress in order to be an effective professional. You are the person you have to live with every day, so take care of you. Do less! Subtract one thing from your to-do list every day.
Give yourself permission to not produce anything sometimes.
Revel in less.
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