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Stages of Speech Production by Levelt

No description

Mona Ali

on 17 December 2013

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Transcript of Stages of Speech Production by Levelt

Stages of Speech Production by Levelt
After the words and phrases have been conceptualized and formulated. At this stage they are translated into the sounds and syllables of actual speech.
Self- monitoring
After conceptualization, formulation, and articulation, when we edit our message and correct any errors.
After conceptualization, when the message is framed into words, phrases, and clauses by the speakers.
result of factors such as carelessness or fatigue.
LING 302
Mona Al-Ahmadi

Speaker makes the decisions about how to frame an idea into language.
David McNeill’s theory
Syntactic thinking.
Imagistic thinking.
Conceptualization is hard to conceptualize but formulation is much easier to formulate.
In this stage the speaker formulates concepts into words and during this process speaker makes many errors.
Thank You :)
All speakers make mistakes, whether they are native or non-native users of the target language.
result of incomplete knowledge of the rules of that target language.
commit by non-native speaker
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