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Camila The History Of Bicycles

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on 20 March 2014

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Transcript of Camila The History Of Bicycles

The History Of Bicycles
4th grade
Miss. Voss
How the needs of
mankind have
Modern Bikes
Modern bike is the last bike we have gotten until now. Nowaday bikes are safer and it could be used for tons of things, for example you could use it to transport or do sports. The safety bike was good for everyone, different than the other bikes you could just stop with the coster brakes. This bikes were made out of coster brakes if you put your feet back or in the handle bars, they were a lot more comfortable. This is the last step in the history on bikes. there might be more changes in the future.
The Draisine was the first way people transported with a bicycle. The draisine looked like a bicycle but it didn't have pedals and it was made out of wood. People had to impulse with there feet in order to move. People thought it was easier for them to transport to places they needed to go and faster to. People now had a new transportation resource. The draisine wasa good first bicycle for people to use.
High Wheeler
The high wheeler came in 1870 instead of the boneshaker or velocipede. The boneshaker or velocipede weren't so safe because it shaked a lot and it hurt. The high wheeler had a big front wheel and a small wheel in the back. The high wheeler had the pedals in the front wheel so that it moves. The wheels were made out of rubber which made it easier to ride. The high wheeler had a smoother ride, since had pedals you could just start pedaling and it will move, instead of having to impulse your self. The high wheeler was a big change and it was much more closer to modern bikes.
Boneshaker or
In 1865 came the 2nd bicycle which was called Boneshaker or velocipede.The boneshaker was made out of wood and they added pedals to the front wheel. The rides in the boneshaker or velocipede were bumpy and not so comfortable. People changed to the boneshaker or velocipede because in the draisine you had to do much more efort to move than in the boneshaker or velocipede. The boneshaker or velocipede made peoples life easier and not so tired. The change to the boneshaker or velocipedewas very helpfull and good.
Safety bike
The safety bike was a new step to the history of bikes. They changed to the safety bike because it was very common for people to have accidents in the high wheeler. The safety bike was safer because the wheels were made out of rubber and the wheels were the same size so no accidents happened. The safety bike was not so comfortable but it was safe and safety is what matters. If the history of bikes the safety bike was much more closer to our bikes.
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