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No description

omar gad

on 30 November 2013

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Transcript of ROV

what's ROV ?!!
what ROV can do ?
"EGYPT needs (ROV)!!!"
We are a group of engineers wants to invade (ROV) technologies, for its importance in EGYPT .

To spread that matter,we started to pass that experience to others , we work in :-
industrial target

To be qualified in ROV technology ,we participated in mate (global organization ).

'about us'
Our(ROV) prototype........
In shadow :-
Why us not others ?!
* For short term:

Nahdet Al Mahroosa encourage the youth creativity and sharing in International competitions.

For Long Term:

Improve the economic income of Egypt by producing more ROV machines help in production industry (low cost - high efficiency) can be exported all over the world.
"Challenge model" ..........
the Insulation
First try ....
Last addition ......
Dimensions: 50 X 50 X 40cm.
The weight: 18 Kg.
Speed: about 1 m/s
Depth rated: 80 meters.
Thruster and Propulsion: 4 horizontal thrusters and 2 vertical thruster.
Batteries /Power supply: 48 DCV from batteries or power supply and rated to 40 Ampere.
Cameras: front IP Camera which can move horizontally.
Water environment capability: fresh and salt water.
Navigation joystick: full control on ROV
Tether: two plastic hoses (15 meters) contain signal and power cables.
What's ROV
What ROV can do ?!
EGYPT needs ROV !
Our (ROV) Prototype
challenge model
In shadow
work class ROV
Observation ROV
Specialized ROV
Remotely Operated vehicles simply used in performing tasks under water under pressure that normal human body can’t bear.
Search & recovery
Oil & gas (petroleum )
Nuclear Industry
Potable Water
Maritime security
"Our Target"
We are the extension of the first team work started - (PHOTONS)- in the robotics machines , they won in ( Nahdet El Mahroosah ) 2009 & 2010 competition.

The second generation of us won the first place in (MIE) competition in their graduation project. .

We are here to start a new category in the Robotics field to continue what they had started , and that heritage will pass to others.

Questions ?
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