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Windcatcher Book Report

By: Avi

Austin Yang

on 16 May 2013

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Transcript of Windcatcher Book Report

By:Avi Survival Type Book Opinion Thank you! Figurative Language
Personification "All of a sudden the boat was slipping forward with what felt like no effort, beating the waves with a steady rhythm, running with the wind." (Avi, p.15) Meaning: The boat was sailing over the waves with a steady rhythm, sailing quickly with the wind. Summary This book is about boy named Tony Souza who earns enough money to buy a sailboat called the "Snark". When he visits his grandmother in Swallows Bay, Connecticut, he learns how to sail from Chris Carluci, who is the sister of the harbor master. Tony also finds out about a legend concerning sunken treasure, and that a couple was looking for it. Tony decides that he wants to find the treasure, so when he sails out his first time alone, he decides to follow and spy on the couple. Sailing through an island chain called the Thimble Islands, Tony finds himself lost. Tony finds the couple though, and realizes that they were diving for the treasure among the islands. After getting a sense of direction and an unfriendly encounter with the couple, Tony finally gets back to Swallows Bay harbor. After, Tony's grandmother shows him a model of the ship the "Swallow", and Tony connects that with the treasure and the mystery. Tony gets the model "Swallow" appraised, and he finds out that it was the original model made by the only known survivor of the actual "Swallow" shipwreck. Tony decides to follow the couple again in his sailboat, and finds them diving near one of the Thimble Islands. The couple spots Tony on the island, but when he goes back to where he lodged his sailboat, he finds it floating away. Tony tries to swim back to the harbor, but he is lost. In desperation, Tony swims to another island, and by luck finds the "Snark". Tony sets off in his sailboat aimlessly, until the couple finds him and picks him up. They try to bribe him and try to get where the wreck is out of him, but Tony doesn't relent. Suddenly, the harbor master's ship drives by, and Tony is saved. Windcatcher Setting This book mainly takes place in Swallows Bay, Connecticut and happens in modern, recent times. Characters Tony Souza is a boy around the age of 12. He is the character who is faced with the challenge of survival, in this case getting back to land from being lost in the middle of Long Island Sound. Character Traits: Foolish, Curious Main Character: Other Important Characters: Tony's grandmother
Chris Carluci
The couple Both Physical and Mental, when Tony was lost and he had to try to get back to the harbor. Tony had to physically survive by swimming and sailing, and mentally because he was lost and had to think of a plan, and also console himself. The "Snark", as it was Tony's only way of getting back to the harbor. Objects The stars, as they had consoled Tony while he was alone on the "Snark" Main Conflict The main conflict was that the couple was trying to find the wreck of the "Swallow" and steal the gold it contained. It was a problem as the wreck was a memorial site, and anything found belonged to the state, Connecticut. Tony became involved, but ended up revealing to the harbor master the couple's plans. This was a pretty good book, with some action and also some intense scenes. It is a fast read, but one that someone who loves maritime would enjoy. I would recommend this book to all people, however. Hope you enjoyed this project!
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