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Careers - Investment Banking

No description

Christina Weng

on 1 June 2011

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Transcript of Careers - Investment Banking

Investment Banker Christina Weng What is an .. An investment banker is someone who ... Acts Advises Recommends Executes Researches Strategizes Develops Attraction ... Opportunity to TRAVEL Strong interest in BUSINESS HIGH salary Education & Training ... High School English Algebra Calculus Accounting Economics Law World Issues IT Data
Management University Queen's University
School of Business Tuition Fee ... Bachelor of Commerce Grand Total ... $55,801.90 MBA Program ... Cornell - Queen's Executive MBA Program Earn 2 degrees in 2 years Tuition Time Spent ... 6 Years Fees ... $155,801.90 Specialized Skills ... Ability to use PowerPoint & Excel Be a CONVINCING speaker Learning a foreign language Add VALUE; sell, sell, sell Updated on CURRENT events and FINANCIAL news Ability to write a BUSINESS proposal Essential Skills ... Crunching and Manipulating numbers Power of Persuasion Organizational Skills Ability to read and UNDERSTAND text Communication Earnings and Wages ... Lifestyle ... Glamorous Working Conditions / Working Environment Job Satisfaction ... High Pay Exposure to
Senior Management Responsibility Job Stress ... Extensive hours No family time Pressure Future Trends ... More stringent laws Fewer BIG banks
more SMALL boutiques Less dependence on
short-term funding Related Jobs ... Information
Technology Management Consulting Risk Management Real Estate Entrepreneurship Recruitment Self
Employment ... Only 29% of
investment advisors
are self-employed Community Involvement ... 42 community hours Upcoming Volunteering
Events ... Co-Op Education ... NO Personal Reflection ... Somewhat interested
in Investment Banking Money Long work hours No time for family Comfortable lifestyle Years spent in University are average :) Career Studies Course Reflection ... The Insider WHMIS Passport to Safety The Pursuit of Happyness Resume & Cover Letters Personal / Career Development ... Personal Achievement Report Interview Personality Types THANKS FOR LISTENING!
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