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Chasten Wilson

Jaci Howard

on 20 March 2015

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Transcript of Brewmasters!

How to Become a Brewmaster!


It is pretty easy to become an apprentice. But it can be hard being one.To become an apprentice brewer, you just have to go to the Brewmaster's house, assuming there aren't many apprentices already, then you're in!
Journeymen are the in between of a master and an apprentice.
Fortunatley all you had to do to go up to master rank was prepare the craft that you are perfecting. The craft (hopefully a good one) was then sent to the master's of the craft. If they like it, your in! If not, than it's back to the drawing board.
Thank you!
All about ale!
Ale as made from grain, water, and fermented yeast. In medieval times, ale was quite popular. Almost everyone drank it. Ale was very nutritious. In today's ale (A.K.A. beer) we include hops to the recipe. Today most adults think of ale as beer with too many bittering agents.(A.K.A. Yuck!) Women brewmasters were called alewives.
For this wonderful adventure through the world of medieval brewmasters!
This prezi presentation was made by Chasten M. Wilson.
I chose to be a brewmaster because it would be a tough job. Today there are fancy shmancy machines that do all the work for you. Back then though, you did it ALL yourself.
Recreating medieval English ales, Safe search.

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