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Never let me go

No description

Jacky Himpler

on 23 June 2014

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Transcript of Never let me go

Never let me go
The Author
- born in 1954 in Japan, moved to England when he was five
- studied Creative Writing at the University of Kent
- has written six novels
- best-known, award-winning - novel: "Remains of the Day" (1989)
- "Never let me go" (2005)
There are
three major themes
addressed in the novel: Friendship, Identity and Freedom
- story of Kathy H. who tells us about growing up as a student at Hailsham (= boarding school that raises clones to eventually become "donors")

- gives us details about life growing up at Hailsham with her friends Ruth and Tommy

- they leave Hailsham and spend some time at the "Cottages" before they start their training as "carers"

- eventually get the notice for their first donation and after a few donations they all "complete"
The novel is set in a
world in England in the 1990's. There are
three main

: Hailsham, the Cottages and the Donor Recovery Centers.

- separated from the outside
- up to the age 16
- they are taught writing, geography and especially arts
- Kathy remembers her time at Hailsham as a good one
- ''guardians" that tell them about the donations
The Cottages
- move to smaller houses to live on their own
- Kathy, Ruth and Tommy move to the Cottages
- Ruth and the others try to find their "possibles"
- not as comfortable as Hailsham
- exciting: "none of us minded the discomforts one bit - it was all part of the excitement of being at the Cottages" (107)
The Donor Recovery Center
- eventually get the notice for their first donation
- some complete after their first donation, some have up to four donations before they die
Kathy H. (Carey Mulligan):

- protagonist as well as narrator
- gentle and nice person -> good carer
- becomes Ruth and Tommy's carer as well
- constantly stays supportive to her friends, letting herself back sometimes
Ruth (Kiera Knightley):
- another student at Hailsham
- born leader; in a couple with Tommy
- has two personalities
- "I'd had this notion there were two quite seperate Ruths" (115)
- Ruth doesn't like to think back to the days at Hailsham
The Movie
came out in 2010, directed by Mark Romanek
dystopian science fiction drama
To date Never Let Me Go has earned US$ 9.4 million at the box office and US$ 1.8 million in DVD sales
with Keira Knightley, Andrew Garfield, Carey Mulligan
The author about his theme...
My Opinion
Tommy (Andrew Garfield):
- main male character
- close friends with Kathy and Ruth
- segregated by the other students because of his short temper and immaturity
- kind-hearted, enthusiastic, naive
by Kazuo Ishiguro
interesting story that makes you want to go on reading
not realistic
hard to read, many unknown words
great movie with talented actors

- mysterious French woman who periodically visits Hailsham
- activist for progressive treatment of clones
- proves that clones "have souls at all"
Miss Emily:

- head guardian and leader of Hailsham
- prominent advocate for the humane treatment of clones
Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro
1. The Author
2. Plot + Setting
3. The Characters
4. The Movie
5. The Theme
6. My Opinion
7. Sources

Never Let me Go- Kazuo Ishiguro



Never Let Me Go - Mark Romanek


friendships are complicated but realistic
ups and downs in Kathy's friendships with Ruth and Tommy
shows that friendships go through hard times but are enduring

the students are clones that don't know who they descend from
"Who am I?" and "What am I?"
Kathy needs to figure out what a clone is in order to find her identity
author leaves the question open
freedom is limited for Hailsham students
they don't leave Hailsham until they are 16 years old
gain freedom at the Cottages (learn how to drive, take road trips...)
future is already planned out for them
life sets boundaries
but makes connections to our daily life
Miss Lucy:

- new teacher at Hailsham
- is later fired for exposing too much to the students
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