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David Ibanez

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of PBS

Origin The Shows Supporters Mission PBS Mission To create content that educates,
informs, and inspires. Efforts •expand the minds of children
•show exciting and different cultures from around the world
•inform the people about world news
•expose worlds of music, theater, dance, and art. PBS was the predecessor of National Educational Television (NET) Founded on October 5, 1970 History of PBS in North Texas Paula Kerger is the current
president and CEO. Overview Friends of KERA/KXT "Your helps ensure
that this independent source for information and inspiration continues, now and for years to come." - Friends of KERA/KXT PBS Kids! Zoboomafoo •Origin •Supporters •The Shows •Mission philanthropy The Green Membership Local Support Be More Founder of KERA •Through local support, such as KERA, here in North Texas, PBS is able to bring public television to all. •WGBH is another supporter of PBS that provides public television to New England. PBS streams Sesame Street on PBS Kids to supplement elementary education to children. An informative show about the exotic animals around the world. To make a lasting impact on KERA programming and the environment. To nurture and preserve public broadcasting for North Texans. Arts •PBS Newshour
•PBS Specials
•Bill Moyer Culture •PBS Food
•Religion and Ethics Newsday
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