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Textbooks VS. Tablets

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Mary Claire Farnan

on 9 December 2013

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Transcript of Textbooks VS. Tablets

Textbooks VS. Tablets
Creative and Interactive Learning
When using tablets over textbooks it gives kids a reason to participate in something fun, and interesting. It is shown that 77% of teachers have found that using tablets has increased students motivation to learn. Also the more schools and students get comfortable with the technology the more they will want to use it, Its is shown that when students used tablets instead of textbooks in their Algebra 1 class they did 20% better than those kids how used textbooks.
Saving Money
Spending $7 billion dollars on out of date textbooks is a big waste in money. When school use tablets it is a one time buy and they can purchase all the updated ebooks right then and there. Using the ebooks on the tablets cost 50%-60% less than using actual textbooks. The cost of textbooks are going up while tablets have been dropping hundreds of dollars every year.
Getting Students ready for the Future
The fastest and highest paying jobs in the Us are technology intensive. It is estimated to grow by 18% in the next 10 years. Schools need to start picking up the new technology so students can start getting prepared for their future jobs.
Carrying to much on their backs
Students are carrying more than 15-20 pounds of books and other school supplies in their backpacks. In the 2011-2012 school year 13,700 students were treated for back related injuries such as bruising, sprains, fractures, and strains. Doctors have said students should not carry more than 10% of their body weight.
Thesis Statement
In the US, over $7 billion dollars is spent on outdated textbooks a year, which is a major problem. With all the outrageous expenses that go towards printing new textbooks, schools should consider buying tablets for students to use. Buying tablets would be a one time buy and would be easier, affordable and a convenient way for children to learn. Having tablets in the classroom will not only enhance creative learning, but lower the cost for schools, prepare students to enter the workforce with better skills sets an reduce the health injuries from students carrying heavy backpacks.
Counter Argument
Teachers feel as though tablets are a huge distraction in the classroom. Students would feel the need to go on to websites like Facebook or Twitter. However all schools would have to do is block these websites. Also schools could save a lot of money buying tablets because they could get rid computer labs and not have to wire schools.
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