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Home guards by Rahiem and Abdul

No description


on 15 January 2016

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Transcript of Home guards by Rahiem and Abdul

Home guards
Home guards were citizens who wanted to go to war but were too
old or too young or not superior
enough for the war.So they became
homeguards.Homeguards are people
who guard our country from the axis
raiding us.
Home Guards By Rahiem and Abdul
Military Equipment
Guns and bombs are really important in the war.If you've got no equipment
there is a very slim chance you will win
the war.
Home guard wore a different uniform to the Army.
Home guards duties
1. patrolling of railways,coastlines
factories and aerodromes
2.clearing up Bombed building and making sure nobody is trapped inside.
3.Offering assistance to the army.
4.Placing obstacles like goal posts
to pressure the axis enemy aircraft landing.
But the homeguards did not have proper army
Home guards uniform
This is the Home guards uniform
they had rifle gun holders attached
to their arms.They had water bottle holders as well.
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