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Click here to find out about dragons and their myths and legends.

Nam Le

on 24 May 2011

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Transcript of Dragons

Dragon Myths and Legends Dragons could be many things, for example:
A winged fire breathing reptile.
A sepernt like beast that gaurds towns.
Sharp tooth beast.
Or a poison spitting chicken like dragon with a deadly stare!
Read on to find out more about many fascinating and magnificent dragons and their stories. Did you know the Eastern and Western dragons are exact opposites? Well they are. The Eastern dragons are the keeper of wisdom and has a gentle nature. On the other hand we have Western dragons, which has bat like wings and is evil. Long ago in the River of Seine, this snake like dragon would sink boats very often. The Gargouille was very fast. Sometimes, this dragon would go up water so fast, it flooded farm lands. In my opinion, the Griffonis a very extraordinary dragon. This is because of its body of a lion, and its head, front feet, and wings of an eagle. The Griffon is the king of beast as well as the king of birds. (Lion is king of beast and eagle is king of birds.) It was said that the Griffon's claws could heal the sick, and its feathers could restore sight to the blind. The Ouroros Most dragons are omnivours, and some have very strange diets. The Ouroros is on of those dragons. It eats itself, starting at the tail! This dragons was a symbol of having no end. The Ouroboros also symbolizes life as a cycle of birth and death. This dragon has been known to the ancient Greeks, to the Chinese of 5,000 years ago, to ancient Egyptians, and much later to the Norsemen. The Griffon The naga In India the Naga is known as a dragon full of wisdom. Naga is regarded as a spirit of nature. Sometimes it appears as a gigantic snake with many heads. Sometimes it grows legs, and is very similar in appearance to the Chionese dragon. In Thailand and Java, it naga lives underground. In Laos, it's a water animal, looking after the spirits of the rivers. In Cambodia, it is a water creature with many heads. The Naga is an Eastern dragon. The Gargouille The Eastern and Western Dragon What exactly are dragons? Namagon (I made this one up!!) The Namagon is the most rarest dragon. This is because it is a Western dragon that isn't evil. So far I am the only one to have seen it. The Namagon has a blue, white and silver scales. This dragon is found in a unknown island in the middle of the pacific ocean. The Namagon symbolizes Strength and bravery. It doesn't end here! You've learned about some dragons in this Prezi but there are many more! So expand your knowledge of dragons and learn. My Resources Dougal Dixon, Face to Face:Dragons, 2009. Birdie Stallman, Learning About Dragons, 1981.
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