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Copy of Library Advisory ry Advisory Committee (Sept. 20, 2013) SWOT

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Michael Coffta

on 27 October 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Library Advisory ry Advisory Committee (Sept. 20, 2013) SWOT

Andruss Library Strategic Planning
Great building
Group study spaces, always need more
As campus grows, more space for LIBRARY (and all that that means) presence
Next meeting:

Library Advisory Committee
September 20, 2013
Not drafting objectives, but goals
"Stirring the pot"
Purpose of LAC
Thoughts to Start
"Build something that does not exist..."
What will Libraries look like in the future?
Friday, October 18th
2:30 PM
AL 305
SWOT Analysis
interaction with faculty
Info Lit instruction - high quality
Instruction in research process (not just tours)
Interdisciplinary focus
Access to and support for technology
Quick communication with Librarians

Interlibrary Loan
Off campus access, high level of technology
Size of library and services offerings are just right

Off site research consultations (Sutliff and Nursing)
Culturally, library space is welcoming, has positive energy
Group studies
Opened up first floor
Need Faculty study space, absolute privacy
Hours of the Library
Levels of noise are a problem, need enforcement
Need quiet areas
Printer issues

Specialized software from ALL departments (?)
Better communication of what's available

More collaborative learning across curricula
Accommodate different learng/studying/research behaviors

Certain book collections (such as Literary Criticism) inadequate
Patron Driven Acquisition
Learning space
Undergraduate research day
FUN but relevant stuff
Students' work display
Community relationships development
Integration with mobile tech

Strength is not in collections, but in community
Online resources, better promotion
Workshops - TALE
Examples of teaching techniques, rotating display to peak interest in teaching/learning
Database vendors giving workshops/webinars on campus
Integrate library into other programs, audiences
Students' perception of Library
Need to draw distinction between building and mission
Need faculty promotion
No mandate for Info Lit instruction
Students needs for info literacy, digital literacy, media literacy, transliteracy
Faculty need to have clear conception of Library's mission and capabilities/offerings
Computer assisted learning
Specialized learning space for large numbers of students
Lack of funding
PASSHE emphasis on vocationalism
underemphasis of humanities
circulation of knowledge
promotion of librarians as educators
New faculty orientation

5 minute sell job
Need a system for reservations for group study rooms
Librarians are collaborative, make a good team
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