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St. Mary Preschool

Catholic Preschool, San Francisco

Pey Jaw

on 23 February 2016

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Transcript of St. Mary Preschool

Our Mission
Our Goals
Whole Child
A little look into your child’s day......
Children love routines - routines make them feel safe and help them understand what to expect each morning when they come to school. We are here to provide consistency for our students. For many children, this is their first time away from home, and we want to ensure that they are happy, eager to attend school, and are ready to learn.
Big Circle Time
Good Mornings/Calendar•
Music & Movement
Free Choice/ Small Group Lesson
Snack/Court Yard Play
Story Time
Outside Structured Play
Group Time
Story/Clean Up
Extended Care
St. Mary's Preschool
At St. Mary's International Preschool, we are committed to your child’s growth and development of their awareness of the world around them.
*Add to children's knowledge, physical, social, and emotional development by observing and interacting with peers, adults, and materials.

*Increase children's knowledge of their world around them through interacting, exploring and experiencing a variety of activities and languages.

*Increase children's skills in problem solving, social interactions, and independence.
For children Age 2-6
We teach children a sense of responsibility, community, and faith, all within a nurturing, safe, and loving environment.
Our program focuses on the spiritual, physical, social, emotional and cognitive development of your child. We believe children learn through working with manipulatives and interacting with Montessori materials and environment.
Social Development
Language Readiness
Math Readiness
Logical Thinking
Physical Development
Self Recognition
Surrounding Awareness
Educational Roots
Reading Readiness
Chart Reading
Self- Esteem
Pattern Recognition
Social Skills
Logical Thinking
Physical Development
Auditory Readiness
Visual Discrimination
Numeral Recognition
Fine Motor Development
St. Mary's Preschool, SF
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