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Skyfall promotional package analysis

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Moyo Ajayi

on 9 October 2014

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Transcript of Skyfall promotional package analysis

Skyfall promotional package analysis
Analysis of Skyfall Trailer
007 (Daniel Craig) becomes M's only ally as MI6 comes under attack, and a mysterious new villain emerges with a diabolical plan. James Bond's latest mission has gone horribly awry, resulting in the exposure of several undercover agents, and an all-out attack on M16.
Skyfall follows Todov's theory
The equilibrium (the Fist stage, beginning ) is when James bond is helping M to tract down a villain on a train. By having this in the first stage is to give the audience an idea of the characters. The fact that already 10 seconds into the trailer there is violence conveys to the audience that the film is an action film.
The disequilibrium (second Stage, Middle) is when James Bond is introduced to the villain of the film. The Villain tells Bond the plot and conflict he has with M.
The last stage of Todov's theory is that of the New Equilibrium. Often in trailers, the new Equilibrium is rarely shown as that would give too much of the trailer away.
The Hero
The Villain
The false Helper
The princess/Dispatcher
The Donor
Levi Strauss theory of Binary Oppositions is conveyed throughout the Skyfall trailer. For e.g. the screen shot above is of the hero (good) and the villain (bad). But also the good-looking and not so good-looking the Mise en scene is also very effective as the hero can be easily identified because of the black suit (typical bond costume) as well as that throughout the trailer Bond's face looks composed & calm. This also conveys to the audience that he is the hero.
The audience can tell from the trailer that the man to the right (wearing cream) is the villain of the film. In the screen shot, the villain has a sinister, patronizing look. This reinforces to the audience that the man in white is the villain.
The Skyfall trailer makes it very evident towards the audience of what type of film Skyfall is. From the very beginning of the the trailer, It shows some of the conflict by the use of enigma codes which carries the narrative along. It also uses a lot of action conventions such as explosions and fights. As well as that the pace of the trailer starts off slowly but then builds up as the story line becomes more dramatic.
The editing used in the trailer was very effective as it helped to bring tension and excitement for the audience. In the beginning of the trailer, the shots were longer. This could have been done to the audience to grasp information about the narrative and gain a sense of the characters. The beginning and middle of the trailer contrasted the end of the trailer as the shots got shorter. This is effective as short shots and quick cuts help build more tension and action.
Within the Skyfall trailer, there are a lot of establishing shots being used. This effective as it conveys to the audience where the action of the film is taking place. It also establishes the context of the scene.

There is also a lot of close up shots used in the trailer. This is very useful as it emphasizes towards the audience the characters emotional state as well as that it could add mystery towards the characters in the film.

The way in which the camera often zooms conveys emotions and body language in a rather effective way so the audience get to see the characters reactions to something without the need for speech.
The Mise en scene in skyfall has a lot of convention of action films.For e.g. An explosion. The fact that the man on the right is wearing a police uniform and there is an explosion, is a juxtaposition. This is because being a police officer conveys authority & power however, in that situation the police officer is powerless. The use of explosions is effective as it creates a sense of defeat for the hero however in most cases, the hero overcomes the odds.
The mise en scene also shows a big city setting. This is also a convention of most action films as most action films are set in big cities.
Moreover, the clips in the trailer are placed in chronological order corresponding to the film. This makes it is easier at first for the audience to follow but then the clips get mixed up. This then provides tension building towards the audience and gets the audience on the edge of their seats.
he sound in Skyfall are very tension building, the sounds of the trailer get louder as the the film trailer progresses. This is effective as it builds the climax for the audience. There is a lot of non-diegetic sounds being played throughout the trailer. Such as suspensions music, and the famous Bond theme tune being played towards the end of the trailer. This is effective as it provides recognition for the audience. Non diegetic sounds are useful as it suggests to the audience how they ought to emotionally interpret the images they see.

There is also a lot of digetic sounds being played in the trailer. Such as explosion noises, cars screeching, characters talking, gun shot sounds etc. This is the typical sounds the audience would expect from action themed films.
The masthead for Empire is in bold block capital letters. This is effective as it stands out against the pale background thus allowing it to be more eye catching for the audience to see. The red could connotate the blood shed in the film thus hinting to the audience what film this would be.

The ideology James Bond always wearing a suit is running through this cover. This is effective as it brings awareness to the audience that this Empire Magazine issue is highlighted around the new Bond Movie. Thus making the magazines appealing for the Bond fans.
The title ‘SkyFall’, Is in italics. This is useful as it connates the importance of the film. "Skyfall" is also in white. This contrasts against Bond's black suit thus making the title standout more, so that Bond lovers could pick up the magazine.

The use of the 007 logo is very effective. This is because using the logo attracts Bond lovers towards that particular issue of Empire.
Empire has placed Daniel Craig
on the front of the magazine. This
allows Bond lovers and even females
who like Daniel Craig to purchase
the magazine.
Empire has created the effect of 2 gunshots
through the magazine cover. This is effective as it highlights the stereotypical gunshots that every Bond film has. This is useful as it creates a recognition for the Bond lovers and even the Empire readers.
The title is written in white as it contrasts against the dark and gloomy background.
The fact it is in capital letters and in simple font makes it easier and clearer for the audience to
view. This is very effective as the title stands out against the poster and catches the audience eye. Also provides promotes awareness as
the usual colour scheme for Bond films are black and white.
The fact that Daniel Craig is at the center of the poster, making him the central point of attraction to the movie Skyfall. This is useful as it gives the audience the idea that the movie Skyfall is mainly about him. The fact he is dressed in black and white is effective as it lets the audience know that Skyfall is a new Bond movie.
The position of Craig's arm is important as it leads the viewers eyes to the iconography of the gun. This is effective as it highlights to the audience what genre Skyfall is. As many thrillers/action films involve guns or any other destructive weapons. It also promotes the movie Skyfall as a Bond movie as majority of people would know that all Bond films include guns.
The title also looks sophisticated which completes Bond's suit. The title does not have bubbly font, thus suggesting to the audience that the film is not a comedy but in fact a more serious film. This idea is reinforced as Daniel Craig has a serious look on his face.
The film poster includes British scenery in the background which includes the union jack flag. This is important as it reveals to the audience the establishment of where the movie would be set in.
The fact that the Union Jack is in colour highlights its importance. And also clarifies to the audience that the Film would be set in the United Kingdom.
The film poster uses a lot of techniques conventional of old bond films such as the gun barrel. This also makes it easier for the audience to identify that Skyfall is new Bond film.
Daniel Craig's facial expression is very bold and ruthless. This and the fact that he is holding a gun, makes a statement to the audience that the film is an action film. However, the poster conveys a much darker theme than other Bond films. This could convey to the audience that Skyfall would be a bit more mysterious and darker than the former Bond films.
The famous iconic tagline of “007” is placed underneath the main title, Skyfall. It is coloured in Gold. This is very effective as the audience would instantly recognized the famous logo and then instanly know what film Skyfall is. Also the fact that
As you can see from the graph, majority of Empire magazine readers are males. This is significant as Skyfall magazine front cover was with empire magazine thus highlighting that Skyfall mass target audience would be
This is also reinforces the idea that action movies have a much larger male target audience than females. As action movies usually have a lot of thrill building scenes.
The graph indicates that the main age group of Empire readers are that of young adults. This also reflects Skyfall main age group target audience as many young people are thrill seekers. However, Skyfall is part of the legendary Bond films, which have been going on for over 50 years. Thus making Skyfall's target audience also for people over the age of 25.
The Psychographics for the movie
Skyfall would be that of
this is because
mainstreamers usually follow
the current trends and conform
to what other people are watching.
Skyfall psychographics could also be
that of
seekers and escapers
; who
want to get away from reality
and just get lost in a big Hollywood
One of Skyfall's distributes was Columbia pictures. Columbia Pictures is one of the leading film studios in the world. It is also part of the Hollywood "Big Six".
Skyfall was also distributed
by the American media company of
MGM. MGM is involved with the
production and distribution
of films and some TV programs.
EON (Everything or nothing) is a british film production company. It is most famous for producing the James Bond Series.
Skyfall's Production & Distribution Companies
Overall, from conducting this research. I feel that I have an understanding of what makes a successful film promotional package. I also found that this task was useful for my own promotional package as I now Know that the poster, magazine front cover and the trailer should correspond together in order to create awareness to the audience. As well as that, I also found out the importance of choosing the right Magazine for the Front poster. Because some magazines might have a different target audience to that of my trailer.
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