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Karen Uribe

on 1 June 2010

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Transcript of Internship

Fishing answers for brain development Why I chose this Internship: Consulted w/ Laquesh Matthews former intern Interested in biology Wanted to research about genetics Internship People who work here: Post-doctoral Research Assistants Graduate Students Sometimes under-graduates & high school students What we study: Investigation of vertebrate development Zebrafish are used as research model Developmental Biology What is Developmental Biology? The study of process by which organisms grow and develop. Importance: It's important because researching genetics catalyzes forms to develop help for people with diseases and forms of therapies to help people with their physical & mental problems. Studying genetics and how each type of characteristic affects an organism. Zebrafish What are zebrafish? The scientific name for zebrafish is Danio rerio.
They are originally found in the streams of the southeastern Himalayan region.
Why zebrafish? have large broods
easily maintanable
transparent embryos
can be easily raised
develop fast Nervous System How is the nervous system sub-divided into forebrain, midbrain, hindbrain & spinalcord? Previous studies have implied that the molecule called Wnt is important for nervous system patterning. Experiment Hypothesis: Inhibition of Wnt signaling alters brain development. Materials Methods GSK3 B (wnt) Inhibitor
four petri dishes
zebrafish Decorionate zebrafish
Separate the zebrafish into four sections
Put 10 zebrafish into the four petri dishes
Two petridish have 10ml GSK3 B inhibitor
Other two petridish have 50ml GKS3 B inhibitor
Store zebrafish
Record and observe results the next day

Zebrafish did not develop ears and eyes
The hindbrain developed faster
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