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Danish Food

No description

Marcus Mortensen

on 8 September 2017

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Transcript of Danish Food

Rye Bread
Open sandwich
Danish Food
In Denmark you can make so many different kind of Sandwiches we also have a special kind of bread
it's called RYE BREAD =3
we only eat this kind of bread in Denmark cuz ppl from other countries doesn't like it i guess :?
we put things like these on it :D Very good <3

ChristmasNight we in Denmark
eat: Duck, sausage, and the most famous thing to eat in Sydjylland is... Turkey XD and almost dosen't exist in nordsjællandske.
16,7% of Fyn eat's sausage at christmasNight
33,4% Nordjylland eat's chips? wha?
they also eat: roast pork,
roast duck,(with) Brown sauce Made of duck fat, and some red cabbage, NOBODY KNOWS why they started eating Chips *LOlZ*
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