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Oakwoods and Prairies

Ecoregions of Texas

Zechariah Davis

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of Oakwoods and Prairies

Oakwoods and Prairies Characteristics of the land The area has 28 to 40 inches
of rainfall each year.The land
is 300 to 800ft
above sea level.Land is very
hilly/gently rolling and
the soil is 6 to 8 inches thick. Weathering Rain, air, wind, and burrowing animals do the most weathering to the rocks in prairies/oak woods. Acid rain or just water falls into the cracks, it may freeze up break the rocks apart or break them down. Air combined with the water makes the water freeze. Wind will blow rocks against trees or bigger rocks causing them to break down. Animals dig holes in the ground digging out sand or rocks. Deposition Sediments are washed along
trees when it rains and
wind will blow small rocks
away. There very little way for
deposition in the oakwoods and
prairies. Erosion Sediments run down hills when
it rains and then gets runny
spreading around land.
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