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Mental Health Photo Essay

No description

abbey vesterfelt

on 16 June 2015

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Transcript of Mental Health Photo Essay

Mental Health
English Assignment
Grade 11
Abbey Vesterfelt

One in five people in Canada experiences a mental health problem or illness.
Facts About Mental Illness
Mental health problems
- social anxiety
- obsessive compulsive disorder
- drug addiction
- personality disorder

Mental illnesses
- depression
- eating disorders
- schizophrenia
- bipolar disorder
Eating Disorders

20 million women and 10 million men suffer from an eating disorder
40-60% of elementary school girls (ages 6-12) are concerned about their weight or about becoming too fat.
Different types of eating disorders are

May refuse to keep their normal body weight by restricting the amount of food they eat
Excersizes more than usual
Long-Term affects of Anorexia
- heart and kidney problems
- low blood iron
- bone loss
- digestive problems
- low heart rate
- low blood pressure
10% of people with Anorexia die due to the health problems or suicide.
Involves periods of uncontrolable binge-eating followed by purging (making yourself puke)
Feeling over weight regardless of their actual weight .
Long-term affects of Bulimia
- kidney problems
- dehydration
- digestive problems
damage of the persons teeth, mouth and throat
Binge- eating
Eating more than you should
Feels like they cannot control how much they eat

Feelings of distress, depressed or guilty after bingeing
Can increase the risk of type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure or weight concerns
signs and symptoms of depression
- loss of interest in activites you previously enjoyed
- loss of energy
- changes in sleep
- significant changes in weight
- feelings of worthlessness or guilt
- problems with concentration
- thoughts of death or suicide
19 million people or 9.5% of a population are diagnosed with depression.

begins in childhood; median age of oneself is 7
Self Harm
13% of young adults will try and hurt themselves on purpose between the ages of 11-16
Affects 1-4% of the population
between 14-39% of the teenage population self harms
feelings of extreme emotions and may have more conflict with adults
may deal with loneliness and peer pressure
Known as the third-leading cause of young people ages 15-24 death.
60% of suicides are commited with a gun
Is thought that at least 25 attempts are made for every completed suicide
overdoseing using over the counter, prescription and non prescription medication is also a very common method for attempting and completeing a suicide.
Reign Galleys Story

Children bullied at 13 are almost twice as likely to develop depression
Almost 15% of people who have been bullied
every day have had a mental illness since before they where 18.
Only 5.5% of non-bullied teenagers were depressed by adulthood
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