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The Red Pony

No description

Megan Wedge

on 21 February 2014

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Transcript of The Red Pony

Scholarly Research
The Steinbeck Land Ethic: Derek Gladwin
States how Steinbeck uses nature and and the environment in his fictional stories and connects them to a theme or plot.

I agree with this because he uses Jody's sense of adventure throughout all four short stories and it all links together to show the differences between him and his father. Jody wanted to explore the mountains and the West and his father only cares about business on the ranch.
-Four Sections (not chapters)
1.The Gift
2.The Great Mountains
3. The Promise
4. The Leader of the People
-Shows Jody's transformation form childhood to young youth
-Shows what he learns through out his life, by observation

The Gift
-Young boy Jody lives on Ranch with his family.
-Grew up watching Billy Buck take care of the horses and learned a lot from him.
-Received a horse from Father to learn responsibilities.
-Horse got sick, Jody is devastated, Billy makes a promise he can't keep and the horse dies.
Research Topic: Jody and his Fathers Relationship and similarities and differences
-Father is stern and has no desire for adventure
-Jody's strives to explore
-Jody is closer with Billy and his Grandfather rather then his father
-Father is stern and mean
-Jody learns mean habits from him but is really sympathetic.
-Because Jody doesn't agree with his fathers views, he looks more up to Billy and his Grandfather.
The Great Mountains
-Old man, Gitano, shows up at Jody's ranch from the mountains.
-Jody knows nothing about the mountains and wants to learn more about them.
-Gitano is asking to stay on their land because that is where he was born.
-Jody just wants to ask the old man about the mountains while his father just wants the old man to leave.
-Gitano eventually leaves and steels one of their horses for transportation.
-Jody is left with an inspiration to adventure.
The Promise/ Leader of the people
-Jody's Grandfather is coming to stay at the ranch for a few days and while him and his mother are excited, the Father is dreading it,
-Grandfather repeats stories about indians and traveling west, the Father can't stand to listen
-Jody likes to hear the stories because it makes him more curious to explore more.
The Red Pony
Gladwin Derek. The Stein back Land Ethic. http://muse.jhu.edu/journals/str/summery/v004/4.l.gladwin.hmtl N.p., 1 Nov. 2007. Web
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