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The Forbidden City: SYMBOLISM

No description

kyle towe

on 7 January 2011

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Transcript of The Forbidden City: SYMBOLISM

The Forbidden City SYMBOLISM I will be talking about some of the important symbols and signs in The Forbidden City. Yellow was the Emporers color back in the day. That is why all the roof's tiles have a yellow glaze on them. There is one exception though. The libary in The Forbidden City has black tiles because black is associated with water(so it won't burn down). The outer and inner courts are in the shape of a triangle, representing heaven. Many of the buildings are arranged in patterns that represent objects and follow ancient customs. The layout of the buildings follows the customs laid down by the Classic of Rites. Even the sloping ridges of the buildings have symbols on them. They have a man riding a pheoenix followed by the Emporers dragon and other statues. However many statues a building has shows its importance. A minor building may have 3 or 5 statues but an important build may have 6 to 10. The forbidden city has 9,999 rooms and buildings. Nine in Chinese is a lucky number because its name sounds like positive meanings in Chinese. In China meanings and symbols are very important to their culture. They represent their culture with these beliefs and customs. THE END
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