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The Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell

No description

Jacqueline Favors

on 14 March 2014

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Transcript of The Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell

The Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell
Characters of the story
Evil Queen
Fairy Godmother
Settings of the story
About the author:
Christopher Paul Colfer
Christoper or Chris was born on May 27, 1990 in Clovis, California. He is a singer and an actor. The TV show he's best known for is "Glee" and his character is named Kurt Hummel. A movie, he wrote and starred in was called "Struck by Lightning." In high school, he was bullied. During seventh and eighth grade, he had to stay home schooled, because he was harassed and bullied so much.While in high school, he was involved with speech and debate, drama, the F.F.A, president of the writers' club, and editor of their school magazine.

Mrs. Peter's sixth grade classroom
The Dwarf Forest
The Corner Kingdom
Rapunzel's tower
Troll Bridge
Charming Kingdom
Cinderella's Palace
Red Riding Hood Kingdom
The Troll and Goblin Territory
The Fairy Kingdom
The Sleeping Kingdom
The Northern Kingdom
Mermaid Bay
The Beginning
The Middle
The End
,Alex and Conner are trying to collect items from a journal Froggy gave to them. The only way to get out the book was to get the items and when the items ware put together, it will grant someone a wish.
Alex and Conner are walking home from school and thinking about a fairy tale they're going to write for their assignment in Mrs. Peter's classroom. When they're close to the house, they see their grandma. She was there to visit and to give them their birthday gifts. She gave them an old book. and it was called "The Land of Stories." On the night of their birthday, Alex put the book on the desk. Then suddenly, the book started to glow and make noise. Now at school, she wasn't her usual self. She asked to go to the bathroom and she started to put objects in the book. Then Conner came and made her stop. At back at home, Alex ran to her room and putted more things in it. Then, she began to jump in the book. Conner was too late to save her, so he jumped in to save her. They have now fallen into the book, "The Land of Stories."
Alex and Conner were falling and landed in a forest. When they walking around and saw a medival army coming towards them, so they started to hide. The tree they hid behind had a sign that said," Goldilocks Wanted: Dead or Alive." After the army passed by, they're approached by a man- talking frog named Froggy, which was named by Conner. Froggy invited them to his house and he explained the best way of getting back to their world was to follow a magical method called, The Wishing Spell.In the morning, Froggy sends them off to their journey. When
they go further into the woods, they were surrounded around a group of wolves called The Big Bad Wolf Pact. They are saved by Goldilocks. When they're out of the forest, they enter the Corner Kingdom. At the top of the tower, they begin to read the journal Froggy gave them. Also they read the list of objects for the Wishing Spell.. Then, they found the first item, which was a lock of Rapunzel's hair. Then they went to The Charming Kingdom. They collected a glass shoe, which was an item for the wishing spell. Then, they went to Red Riding Hood Kingdom to get a piece of wood from Red's basket.. Next,, they were kidnapped by two creatures. They worked as slaves.
Alex and Conner are invited to Cinderella's palace. Froggy wanted to go, but he didn't. Red forced him to come and be a guest. When arriving there, all the kings and queens of every kingdom came. Then a soldier came and told Alex and Conner that the Fairy Godmother wanted to see them. When they met her, they found out that their grandmother was a fairy. That meant Alex and Conner were part fairy. Also they found out that their father lived in the book too. When their grandma said it was time to go, Alex didn't want to go, but her mother was worried about them. When she came back to their world, she knew she couldn't say goodbye to them.
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