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What is SQ5R?

No description

Melisa Browning

on 22 September 2013

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Transcript of What is SQ5R?

What is SQ5R?
How will it help me ?

. Read only the chapter title, subtitles, italicized terms, boldface type, and introductory or summary sections. Make mental predictions about what the titles and subtitles imply the chapter will discuss.
Step 1
. Ask yourself what you want to learn from this reading.
Ask questions about headings, subheadings as you work through them.
Form questions about each section.
Try “who, what, when, where, why, and how” questions. How does this section relate to the others?
Step 2

What is SQ5R?
SQ5R is an active reading strategy. It helps get you involved with the text. There are 7 steps in the SQ5R reading strategy.
Step 3

R1 -

Read material in chunks.
Look for the answer to your questions as you read.
Check your recall of the material.
Can you answer the question you formulated? Put the material into your own words. Talk about what you have read.
Step 4
R2 -

Record key points of what you have learned using Cornell Note.
Highlight key words or phrases
Step 5

What are the subpoints for those main ideas?
Step 6
R4 -
After you have read the whole assignment, look over your notes.
Go for the large picture.
Notice how the ideas are linked.
Try to recall the main points.
How does the material you learned fit in with what you already know?
Consider class notes, previous learning, class discussion etc.
Step 7
R5 -
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