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William Boeing

No description

Chris Santos

on 10 June 2015

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Transcript of William Boeing

Facts about William
1. William was born on October 1, 1881 and later died at an age of 74 just 5 days before his 75th birthday, on September 28, 1956.

2.Boeing was born in Detroit, Michigan, to a wealthy German mining engineer named Wilhelm Böing from Hagen-Hohenlimburg who had made a fortune and who had a sideline as a timber merchant.
William Boeing made a big impact on
Washington State History through his economy and culture.
William Boeing made a huge impact through the economy because he
made the first airplane which was called the Boeing model 1 and that was made to give the economy an easier way to travel and a better way to travel. Airplanes have changed dramatically through the years. Think about it: How did people in the olden days before the airplane was made go to places? Boats, carriages, and walking. This invention made it faster and better to travel.
William made a big impact on his culture by affecting others around him through the ingenious invention. He affected the peoples lives by making the airplane because it is a faster way to travel and this means in emergencies you can travel much quicker to your destination.
More Facts
3. Anglicizing his name to "William Boeing" after returning from being educated in Switzerland in 1900 to attend Yale University,[2] William Boeing left Yale in 1903 to go into the lumber side of the business. He bought extensive timberlands around Grays Harbor on the Pacific side of the Olympic Peninsula. He also bought into lumber operations.
William Boeing
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