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GCSE RS Year 10

Faisal Ahmed

on 20 January 2014

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Transcript of paranormal

Non- religious reasons for believing in Life after Death:

Near Death Experiences
Evidence for a spirit world
Evidence for reincarnation
Dividing Line
that ‘Ghosts and mediums prove that there is life after death. Comment on...…

Near Death experiences evidence for a spirit world

Evidence for reincarnation

Are these experiences proof of an afterlife or just the mind playing tricks on them? (Science V Spirit)

Answer Structure…
Mediums / psychics / spirit guides (people who claim to have a gift for communicating with the dead) have been used as evidence by some people of the existence of another life, another world where the dead can be contacted.

(2 marks)

To be able to explain why non religious people believe in life after death.
(8 marks)
Learning Objective:
‘Ghosts and mediums prove that there is life after death’

Do you agree? Give reasons for your opinion.
(3 marks)

Why would someone disagree with you?
(3 marks)
GCSE question
near – death experience
describes something which people claim happens to them after they
are clinically dead.
Examples of the paranormal are...

1. Define the word Resurrection.
2. Define the word Paranormal.
3, List the key Islamic beliefs about life after death.
Some non religious people believe in life after death because they believe in ghosts and they feel this is evidence of a spirit world. Some people use the fact that ghosts have been reported for centuries as evidence.

(2 marks)
Near Death Experience
Some non religious people believe in life after death because of their near death experience. Many people have described bright lights, seeing their dead relatives and feeling of peacefulness. This is used as evidence by some for the existence of life after death
(2 marks)
Do you believe in...
Ouija board
Near-death experiences
Ouija board
Another reason why non religious people believe in life after death is the testimony of people who claim to remember previous lives. Reincarnation is a believe that life after death involves a soul being reborn into another body. There are many stories of this in India.
(2 marks)
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