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Agricultural Sector in Pakistan

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Maimoona Wasif Sadi

on 13 August 2013

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Transcript of Agricultural Sector in Pakistan

Agricultural Sector in Pakistan
Muhammad Ali Polani

Production Efficiency
The yield is a measure of the amount of  crop (kilograms) that is produced in per hectare of harvested land of Pakistan.
Pakistan’s economy depends heavily on Cotton crop which significantly contributes by providing raw material to the textile industry, such as cotton lint as an export item.
It accounts for

7.0 percent

of value added in agriculture and 1.5 percent of GDP.

Area, Production and Yield of Cotton

Mild attack of Thrips,
White fly
Cotton Leaf Curl Virus (CLCV)
Monsoon also affected the crops in Punjab and Sindh.
Sugar Cane
Sugarcane crop occupies an important position in national economy in order to drive the large sugar industry. It also provides raw materials to clip board, paper and ethanol.

Its share in value added in agriculture and GDP is 3.2 and 0.7 percent, respectively.

 Area, Production and efficiency ratio of sugar cane
More area brought under cultivation due to
Economic returns received by the grower,
Good management of crops and application
Balance doze of inputs

It has been a major source of foreign exchange earnings in recent years.

Rice accounts 2.7 percent of the value added in agriculture and 0.6 percent of GDP.

Area, Production and Yield of Rice

Source: Pakistan Bureau of Statistics
Monsoon rain
Late receding of water period in rice fields prolonged the sowing.

Occupies a central position in agricultural policies of the government.

10.1 percent to the value added in agriculture and 2.2 percent to GDP.

Source: Pakistan Bureau of Statistics

Area, Production and Yield of Wheat

Enhancement in support price from Rs. 1050 to Rs. 1200.
Favorable temperature
Healthy grain formation.
Introduction to Livestock
Livestock are natural factories to convert roughage(grasses, shrubs, etc.) into quality-food i.e. milk and meat.

Livestock also provide raw material for industries and create markets and capital.

Livestock provides security against crop-failure.

Livestock contributed approximately 55.4 percent to the agricultural value added 11.9 percent to national GDP during 2012-13.

Livestock sector provides employment to a large number of rural households and about 35 million people are engaged in livestock-related activities, earning about 40% of their incomefrom it [Government of Pakistan, 2002]

The sector provides great source of foreign earnings.
Almost 12.3% of all the export earnings of the country.
Livestock Population

Recommendations for improvement in Agricultural sector of Pakistan
Supply of Agriculture Credit

Water Logging and Salinity Control

Construction of Dames

Provision of HYV Seed


Agricultural Research

Agro-based Industries

Training of Farmers

Prices of Agricultural Productivities
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