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Social Studies Project

-Maya -Aztec -Incas

Marissa Meyers

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Social Studies Project

-Southern America Maya -Steep, high pyramids -Good at archecture, made a comunication road way -lots of carving, very artistic -365 days in there year -Long distant trade wore white cotten clothing still practice life there in Guatimala and south Mexico -kept records but distroyed very poor Spanish Lived near Guatemala, Belize, Mexico, Gulf of Mexico, Carribean Sea Aztecs Aztec statue. Aztec calender aztec mask migrated
they were to build a great, succesful city where they saw an eagle on a cactas lots of fertile fields Formed allies with other cities and almost concorded the area god of sun and war- Huitzilopuhtli traveld aroung for 150 years looking for the perfect place for living mesoamericans 365 days in their year also known as mexica's 260 ceramonial days out of the 365 very religious Southern\ Northern American Indians
By: Marissa Meyers
INCAS inca means lord live In the Andes Live in the West coast of South America built their town two miles above sea level almost always successful in war built good roads armed with short, wooden clubs, tipped with stones or bronze in wars. to protect themselves in war they wore wooden
helmets and small shields Quecha- language lived in small huts state capitals ruled their life lived in Peru, South America Found drawings in the sand made by the incas counting strings were used to records crops. Rose and fell in 100 years Irragated fields so water would last in the deserts had many gods, but sun god was most important 250 miles long
rode for communicating THE END The Inca, Maya, and aztec had many difficulties. They were all the same in ways but very different in others. All of there cultures still have people practicing life in South America today. They still reinact ceramonies today that they did in the old days.
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