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The Impact of Celebrities

How Celebrities Impact Us and How We Can Stay Safe!

Josh Langhorne

on 3 February 2015

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Transcript of The Impact of Celebrities

Don't follow the "stars"; be your own!
Celebrity Impact
Celebrities have a tremendous impact on people and our modern society, however their perfect (and also target) audience are children and teenagers. This is usually because:
The Perfect Audience
People in
The Giver
, by Lois Lowry, did not have celebrities in their world, so the people in the Giver's world are not affected the same way we are.
Connections to
The Giver
How To Enjoy Celebrities (without the Negativity)
Works Cited
Modern Media and Social Networking
By Chris Buell, Josh Langhorne, Annika Laudemann, Gracie Lestak, Jacob Matro, and Anh Thu Van
Adolescents will always want to look up to their favorite celebrities. However, there are ways they can still enjoy them and still be safe:
Celebrities use social media for many different reasons, such as to:
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Images from Google Images, no copyright intended.

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"Aurea Carmina", Music by Kevin MacLeod, incompetech. com
Creative Commons License
How Do Celebrities Impact Teens?
As the perfect audience for celebrities, kids and teenagers can be easily manipulated into following their fave celebrity's path and purchasing products advertised by their favorite celebrity. Other ways celebrities influence youngsters are:
"Kids and teens are more vulnerable to the effects of celebrity role models than adults, because youngsters haven't finished forming their identities, states Johns Hopkins Children's Center." -"The Effects of Celebrity Role Models on Kids & Teens," Motherhood Blog

Century Celebs
Important Message
Celebrities may seem to lead the perfect life, but they also are normal people like us who can either make good or bad decisions in life. To stay safe, look at the celebrity's brighter side, and be yourself because
you're your own star
Warning and Dangers
Positive Celebrity Influences
Negative Celebrity Influences
Videos and Evidence
"...77% of Americans believe that celebrities have too much of an influence on young girls...based on the latest Kaiser Family Foundation, two in every three parents feel that their children are being exposed to too much inappropriate content in the media." - "Celebrities and Social Media."
"Celebrities need to change the way they act and how they are viewed. Their actions have more of an effect on us than many people believe they have."-"Celebrities and Social Media."
Although some celebrities can be good role models, not all celebrities make good choices.
Excessive Drugs or Alcohol
Aggressive and violent actions
Charity and Foundation work
Promoting important events
advertising a product
Inappropriate behavior
Advertising positive companies
Bad Influence:
Chris Brown- Got in a fight with Drake
Ray Rice- Knocked out his fiance in an elevator
Justin Bieber- Drunk driving
Good Influence:
Oprah Winfrey- Donated 12 million dollars in scholarships to Atlanta's Morehouse College
Ellen Degeneres- Many donations, including Stand up For Cancer
Brad Pitt- Joined One Campaign in 2004 and helped a school in Haiti in 2006
Kids and teens may see a celebrity doing something, so they think it's OK to do it too.
Teenagers are insecure about themselves and may look up to a celebrity for ideas.
their wardrobe and what they wear
body images
the way they act
their self esteem
Some celebrities can make salacious decisions, such as drugs and smoking.
This type of behavior can lead to imprisonment.
If a teenager saw their favorite celebrity making bad choices, he/she might act similarly and can get into trouble
updates on personal life
meet and interact with their fans.
promote a product. Celebrities are great for commercials because if a celebrity shows that they use the product, most people will want to use it, especially teens.
However, since the memories of the past are taken away from them in
The Giver
, the people are apt to not understand things properly. This is similar to our world because teenagers can be negatively influenced from celebrities by not realizing how nefarious a celebrity's action really is.
boundaries and restrictions
using common sense and determine whether or not an action is good or bad
looking at the celebrity's positive deeds
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