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The Jumano Indians

No description

Laura Flanagan

on 8 April 2015

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Transcript of The Jumano Indians

Our Location in Texas
Our tribe covers most of the Mountains and Basins region.
The Jumano Indians
Our Foods and How We Get It
We are omnovores obtaining food throughout culture, hunting and trade. We eat corn, beans, squash, pinon nuts and the prickley pear cactus. We use bows and arrows to hunt.
Our Tribes Housing
We make our houses out of adobe. We mix mud and straw to make hard brick material held up by sticks. We also live in tepees.
Our Government.
We have no chief because we think that we don't need one. We also have a Federal Government. We have three different tribes and three different governments.
We Are Similar to What North American People
We were similar to the Commanche. And today we are smiliar to the American, Canadian and European people.
Interesting Facts
Women do more than men
The men have tattoos and vertical or horizontal face paint stripes
Women wear long skirts, usually the waist is visable and reserved for tattoes
We use a bow and arrow, bone splinters for needles and hoes. These tools were made from buffalo, wood and stone materials.
We paint snakes on sticks to scare away the enemies
We use cultures from other tribes
Lian: pictures, some of script, typing of some prezi, some of research, inside tepee.
Matias: typing of some prezi, symbol pictures, prezi idea, some of research, inside tepee.
Khushi: Some of script, tepee, some of research.
thanks for watching our presentaion
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