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Red Door Brokers

Who we are, our philosophy, and how we make it all work. Learn more at www.RedDoorBrokers.com

Tiffany Powell

on 9 April 2013

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Transcript of Red Door Brokers

So why is this important to you? Being more efficient and effective on less revenue
Using social media for business
Discerning which newest technology to use
Managing data/information efficiently What would you do with an extra
$17,088 a year? Let's Talk Commissions Keep 100% of Your Commissions. $250/month.
No splits. No transaction fees. 2011 KAAR Avg Sale Price
3 & 4 Bedroom Homes
= $186,000 1 Closing per Month
= $2.232M Annual Sales Volume

3% Avg Commission
= $66,960 On a 70/30
commission split,
you keep $46,872. Your Brokerage
takes $20,688. At Red Door Brokers,
after your $250/month,
your annual revenue
=$63,960. % NAR
5% Red Door Brokers
48,000 Monthly
(at $250/ea)
$12,000,000 Annual
$144,000,000 Our Philosophy Our Story The Evolution
of Real Estate The Evolution
of the Agent Leaders in Technology Social Media Savvy Our Vision Red Door Brokers
300 Monthly
(at $250/ea)
$75,000 % KAAR
10% Annual
$900,000 Currently,
KAAR Membership: 3000 Realtors
NAR Membership: 960,000 Realtors Paperless Transactions Virtual/Mobile Office Live &
Webinars "Today's real estate office can be a
car, coffee shop, or any location within
reach of a WIFI hotspot."
Inman News Amazon vs. Borders
Netflix vs. Blockbuster Evolve Or Else... What Industry Experts Say EVOLVED BANKRUPT BANKRUPT EVOLVED National expansion
Free apps/paid apps
Agent website development Tech savvy & works from the palm of their hand
Uses social media as primary means of communication
Would rather text than make a phone call
Office is their car, home, Starbucks, or Panera
Doesn’t see the need for a brick & mortar office
(especially if my commissions are paying for it) Using Social Media builds relationships, wins new business/referrals, and builds the brand "What is the fate of the retail real estate location? What is the benefit of a high rent storefront in today's marketplace?"
Marc Davison, Blogger @ 1000watt.com 69% of Realtors are 50+ (median age 56)
In 12 Years (by 2024), they will be 62+ (median age 68)
Gen X and Gen Y will dominate the industry
Many future Realtors are still in middle and high school
50% of home buyers are 18-44 years old What's In It For You? Professional Image Timing is everything. "Think 12 Years, Not 12 Months" At 2% Interest
over 12 years
= $231,000 Companies that Recognized Change NAR Realtor Survey 2011...A Changing of the Guard "As we look ahead into the next century,
leaders will be those who empower others."
Bill Gates
A creative & collaborative team environment
Technology & social media driven
100% paperless transactions w/o using email, printers, scanners, or faxes
Webinars & Ustream for technology & social media training
All Realtors branded as Brokers
Inclusion & diversity is embraced and celebrated What is the Red Door Culture? iPhone/Android - Got it.
Laptop, iPad, Tablet – Check.
Yard Signs – No problem.
Business Cards – Got plenty of those.
WIFI or 3G/4G – Starbucks, Barnes & Noble, Panera....pretty much anywhere around town. Red Door Brokers Virtual Office Toolkit Become a Founding Red Door Broker and share in
revenues generated through Nationwide expansion

Benefit from "Being at the Right Place at the Right Time” Option 1 Become a Founding Red Door Broker Today (Limited time only) Contribute as a Member of the Red Door Brokers Advisory Council / Think Tank Option 2 Getting Started with Red Door Brokers Administrative Setup $250
1st Month’s Association Fee $250

Total $500

Annual Renewal $150
RDBinsider.com - Broker only site launching soon
Private Red Door Brokers only Facebook & Twitter NAR Association Executives Survey on Trends - 2012 "What are the most dramatic changes you see occurring in the next few years?" Increased use of mobile technologies
Fundamental changes in real estate transactions due to the Internet
More virtual offices and agents
Changing business models of firms and agents
Downward pressure on commissions by consumers NAR Presidents Survey on Trends - 2012 "What programs, products, or services do members need now?" Mission To create and nurture a culture where Realtor creativity and collaboration is encouraged, and the challenge of evolving in the changing world of real estate is embraced, and where Realtors have the opportunity to earn the highest possible commissions. Staying Connected Phase 1 Goal Develop the model in Knoxville that
will be used to expand Red Door Brokers throughout the US. People who benefited from being at the right place at the right time So Why Red Door Brokers? “Developing Leadership…. Providing Opportunity” Position yourself to take advantage of local, regional,
and nationwide leadership opportunities Option 3
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