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Census Data

No description

Elizabeth Harris

on 16 September 2015

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Transcript of Census Data

I have 1 car in my family
I have 2 parents
My family and I go on holidays twice a year
I play sports
I Go to a primary school
There are 3 children in my family
I have a family of 5
siblings play sports
parents work
Census Data
From the data collected describe the characteristics of an average Australian
the average australian is a 37 year old woman born in Australia and with both of her parents also born in australia. She has English, Irish or Scottish ancestry. She speaks only English at home and belongs to a christian religion, most likely catholic.
how are you an average australian? discuss your similarities and differences with the data collected.
I am similar to an average australian because I have 2 cars in my family, my parents are australian, i have an English and australian ancestry, I live with my parents and I am catholic. My differences are that i 2 other siblings.
How has your perception changed of what an average australian is?
My perceptions of what an average australian is has definitely changed because I've learn't that some of my perceptions are incorrect. i thought that the average australian had 1 car, her ancestry wasn't English or Australian and they were Anglican not catholic.
Go on overseas trips twice a year
2 parents
2 cars
Family of 4
children play sports
Parents work
Live in a house not a apartment
What is a average Australian
In 2011 the age of an average Australian was 37.
90% of Australians live in urban areas.
The average amount of children in a family is 2, 1 boy, 1 girl.
Never Married-34.3%
parents work
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