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How Acid rain affects the Great Lakes.

science assignment

Carly Nevard

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of How Acid rain affects the Great Lakes.

By: Carly Nevard How Acid rain affects the great lakes :) Acid rain is when Rain has been made acidic by certain pollutants in the air. It is a type of acid deposition which can take place in many forms.
When a substance is acidic it dissolves in water causing hydrogen and hydroxil ions to be unbalanced creating more hydrogen then hydroxil. 1. what is acid rain? does it mean for a substance to be acidic? One cause is that compounds such as pollition are sent into the air causing a chemical reaction. Another is that factories give off byproducts (eg, coal burning factories) and lastly, internal combustion engines and steam boilers heat nitrogen and combines with oxygen and forms nitrogen dioxide and nitrogen oxide. when they disolve in water they form diluted nitric and nitrous acids. 2. what are some causes of acid rain? Nitrogen Dioxide: N2 + 2O2 -> 2NO2
Sulfur Dioxide: SO2 + H2O -> H2SO3
Sulfuric acid: 2H2SO3 + O2 -> 2H2SO4
Nitrous acid: 2NO2 + H20 -> HNO3 + HNO2 3. How does acid rain form? acid rain negativly affects the great lakes because first, it raises the lakes acidity which makes it harder for anything living to grow and survive. It also disolves the calcium deposits in the lake faster, so it lowers the levels of calcium in the soils which makes everything else of balance. 4. How does acid rain negativly affect the great lakes? 5. How does acid rain negativly affect industries that depend on the great lakes? Acid rain affects the fishing industries by the acid in the water creating good majorites of fish to die off. It affects the marine industries by causing rusting and destruction to things it touches (eg. ships would get rusty, wood gets eaten). People will have to pay for repairs often. lastly, it affects thelogging industry by making ships rusty and eating at the wooden logs on board. 6. How do we restore lakes that are affected by acid rain? One way of restoring the lake is by adding limestone. When limestone mixes with water it creates a chemical reaction forming the product of Calcium Hydroxide which causes the lake to become neutral. This happens because Calcium hydroxide is a base and when bases are mixed with acids they become neutral.
HNO3(aq) + Ca(OH2)(s) -> Ca(NO3)(aq) +2H2O
Another way of restoring the lake is by factories and other places to get a catalystic converter. This device uses other chemicals to get rid of as much pollution as possible.
2N2O3(g) -> 2N2(g) + 3O2(g)
The last way is that the soil in the lakes will just absorb the acid naturally over time, however this doesnt always happen. 7. How do these lake restoration methods negativly affect the lakes? Well first of all, when you add limestone in the water, its not going to stay forever.It will become a project to keep checking on the water and adding more limestone to neutralize it. Second, the catalyst converter doesnt get rid of all the pollution, so some pollution still will affect the air. The converter could also breakdown. And finally, the soil doesnt always absorb the acid, so it could be a low chance of that happening, making it an unreliable source. 8. Identify a current initiative in Canada that is helping to restore the great lakes. The Great Lakes Action Plan is a plan the government made to ensure the health and saftey of our local lakes. They pay this organization money and they take action to clean up and restore the Great Lake Basin and its waters. Refrences :) Grade 10 science textbook www.sciencebuddies.org www.geography.about.com www.nsb.wikidot.com www.ec.gc.ca
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